How to Choose Your School Bag

The thorny issue is like every year. Indeed the school bag, in addition to appeal to your child, must be adapted to its morphology and use there will be. And that changes almost in each class.

Choose School Bag

We’ll help out you a little. Before deciding if the bag of class will be the wheels or not, to choose the brand, color, and the number of pockets, the points to check the most important are: weight, size and comfort of his port. The good book bag or backpack should be light, which today is the case for most of them, designed in modern, materials resistant and washable, polyester, nylon or corduralike bags Eastpak. The back and straps must be ergonomiqu arefor a better distribution of weight and padded for a comfortable and a good shock absorption.

The kindergarten

For kids school bag is something that mark the first days of school, and it must be a comforting Companion. If some schools are already asking a small satchel, in most cases, the small snack bag just fine until kindergarten kindergarten because often there is no notebooks or Kit to carry, just a blanket and a snack. The snack bag is available in backpack or isothermal bag. Manufacturers do their maximum to please including smallholders by buying licenses to use the characters to fashion…

There are many models. In short, fun bags that have fun kids. This year with the release of the film the Dori world have obviously Dori and Nemo who share the top of the podium but Anna and Elsa “the snow Queen” continue to make a cardboard. More conventional but timeless Mickey and Minnie are still there. In large section we already plebiscite Star Wars, and the superhero Marvel etc.

The preparatory course

From the preparatory course, the child will need a bigger bag, 38 cm, type binder with 1 compartment or 2 compartments. He will learn to read and write and go for lessons. Preferred comfort with a back and the straps are padded and care is taken to not choose a bag that is too big compared to his corpulence (little girls and little boys are often very frail at this age).
The “soft” backpack is to be banned to avoid back problems. Attention, the wheels considerably heavier the bag but may be necessary if the child has to walk before arriving at school. The little extra that reassure moms: the reflective strips for the release of the classes in the winter, the label complete with name, surname, for the small stunned who forget their bag in the Court.

The CE1 to CM2

The CE1 to CM2, school supplies are expected to increase and you can pull out all the stops! Rolling bag, dual compartment backpack. The bag must be 38 cm minimum and it is recommended to have 2 bellows to sort its business. Some bags offer a smart storage (location for the rule, various pockets and elastics…) Always buy the bag depending on the size of the child. He’s tough, he can easily carry a backpack of form “Terminal” otherwise, opt for daypacks with wheels that will avoid it a lot of back pain. The trolley backpack or school bag with wheels are full of innovations to protect the backs of the children. They can get out, take in hand or still stand on the shoulders. But beware, make sure anyway that your child does not put everything and anything in it because, the fact that he gets away it will tend to fill it to the brim. Attention also to the number of stairs before her classroom because it will have to carry his bag.

The college

Well, I think that you won’t have much to say in the choice of your teen. The values if you book him surprise are: Eastpak obviously, and Quiksilver, Roxy for girls, Herschel for most trend. See with him, according to his schedule, if he needs a bag to one or two compartments, or even whether he prefers a satchel (less ergonomic then pay attention to the back). As to why they are as diverse as the mode allows. Finally remember that the girls gladly headed to large handbags more feminine but also attention to the back.

Finally before making your choice remember that Our site works with professionals of leather goods where a difference in quality and prices sometimes higher than those found in retail. However this has a huge advantage. These brands have a solid reputation and she guarantee the good manufacture of their products (at least a year for most of them and up to 30 years for some products Eastpak).Therefore, if the bag you bought has a defect which limits its lifetime, in all inform on our customer service who will arrange with the manufacturer for you compensate (replacement, refund).