How to Clean Thermos

Learn in this article How to clean thermos and remove the odor or bad smell, following only a few homemade tips can keep a thermos as new for much longer.

A thermos can be difficult to clean up, this is due to the fact we couldn’t perform a deep cleaning, get access to the inside of the bottle easily, hopefully we can improve the result and to remove stubborn stains.

Prior to any cleaning procedure, always avoid using products or abrasive objects to clean the thermos, read and follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the product, this helps ensure greater efficiency during the cleaning of the bottle.

  • Remove the cap of the bottle and then wash with warm or hot water using a mild detergent, rinse until all the cleaner and dirt is removed completely, to help with the clean-up can use a brush to clean bottles with soft.
  • Avoid placing the thermos directly under the faucet or submerged in water during the washing, if it is not possible, use water with low pressure.
  • We can remove odors and stains of thermos with water and vinegar, just proceed with cleaning added a little vinegar and water inside the bottle, shake the mixture and let stand for a few minutes, then wash normally.
  • If the odor of coffee or other food persists in not out we can try to do the cleaning with the help of baking soda or salt, add hot water inside the bottle, then put a few tablespoons of baking soda or salt. To enhance the effect of cleaning and removal of taste or smell of food, let the cleaning solution Act overnight, then wash normally.
  • The outside of the flask can be cleaned easily, plastic bottles, stainless steel or chrome may scratch easily when used an abrasive sponge, try using soft sponge and clean, do the cleaning with water and a neutral detergent, dry with a soft cloth lint-free cloth, leave the bottle open when not in use.