How to Clean Your Computer Monitor Screen

The surface of the CRT monitors (those of tube) is glass and well resistant, so it has never been difficult to clean it.However, with the new LCD monitors in Smartercomputing, the story is quite different: the material is more sensitive and requires extra care when cleaning.

First of all, forget all chemicals, be they detergents, disinfectants and anything that contains ethyl alcohol, acetone, ammonia or toluene.Using these products can seriously damage your television or monitor screen.In addition, it is prohibited to use paper towels, toilet paper or even T-shirts.With them you can end up scratching the screen, and there is no turning back.

Before you begin, separate the materials needed for cleaning: clean and clean cloth, brush, cotton and water.Only that.

Step 1. Turn off the monitor so that you can observe the conditions of the screen more closely.Do this in a well-lit environment, so it is easier to spot the dirt.

Step 2. Begin cleaning by the edges of the monitor, without fear of scrubbing with force, since the material is resistant.You just have to be careful not to let the cloth escape and, unintentionally, you squeeze the screen tightly.

Step 3. Remove any solid residue, preferably using some type of brush.Do this so as not to rub the dirt and create some kind of stain or scratch.

Step 4. If you only identify dust on the screen, use only a dry cloth to remove dust.In these cases, the cloth is enough.Just be careful not to put too much pressure on the screen.

Step 5. In case the screen is with finger spots – which is quite common – you will need a more consistent cleaning.To do this, buy some specific material for cleaning monitors, easily found in computer stores.If you do not or do not want to buy, the water is enough (only when the dirt is not so thick).

Step 6. Lightly wet the cloth or cotton.Remember to never splash water directly onto the screen.

Step 7. Gently wipe the cloth or cotton to avoid damaging the screen.

Step 8. If you used cotton, remove any lint that has left the screen.Do this with a dry cloth.

Ready!Your monitor or television is already cleaner.Repeat the process whenever you want, without problems.