How to Correctly Wear Leggings

Among the most committed errors, there is a belief that the leggings could replace his pants.

This misuse has unknown origins, but now bring these opaque tights as pants became a widespread practice despite being incorrect.

Used properly, the leggings can give a touch of glam-sporty/casual-chic to your look for the day time. You just have to guess the leggings right for your body type and how they will be matched.

Here are some tips on how to wear leggings for a chic look in the day time.

To have a look and use properly the leggings, you first need to be careful to your fitness level.

In fact, if the height is one of the strengths of your physique, put in evidence the legs: a black jeggings under a long sweater or a dress will bring out the legs, especially when paired with a shoe heel.

Killer heels and a cardigan (or overcoat) maxi for physicists “pear”, or for all those girls who have their hips.

The iron rule of wearing leggings as pants, socks and not as thinking also applies to jeggings, close relatives of the leggings, but denim, who want to imitate the practical versatile pants, but in a much more stretchy and tight.

The jeggings are great for those who are not from his height. If combined with high boots, in fact, they’re going to figure that some centimeters more that never hurts.

If, instead, you want to use the leggings in the evening, a cocktail or an evening, but you’re afraid to be dressed too, don’t worry.

There are leggings embellished with crystals and applications, with gold and silver patterns, with embroidered motifs or lace. Use these most precious stockings under dresses or evening shirt, short Caftans billowing as embellishing it with an open toe shoe or sandal.

Here are the rules based on how to wear leggings.