How to Cut Dogs Nails the Easy Way

If you cut right claws of a dog, you know how difficult and sometimes frustrating is this endeavor.

How to Cut Dogs Nails the Easy Way

You are afraid not to cut too deeply nails, and your dog is afraid to hurt him with scissors.

At the same time, it may be safe and painless process if you follow these tips.

1. Learn How to Properly Cut Nails
This step is the most – important. People are afraid that it will cut the nails too deep or simply do not know exactly what part of the nail should be cut.

Make sure that the gap is not blunt because it can cause a lot of pain to the dog. When you cut the nails must be very careful not offended cuticle in nail.

It can be hurt if you cut your nails too deep, it will cause severe pain to the animal.
2. Keep nearby suitable drug to stop bleeding
How Rrecaj claws dogIf offended vessel, this drug will help stop the bleeding. So it’s very helpful to have a similar product nearby in case of an accident (swab iodine tincture for example).

Dogs often move their feet at the last moment and this can lead to too deeply cutting the nail.

3. Trim Nails Regularly
Try to cut the nails of your dog regularly, but not too often (approximately 1-2 times a month, depending on their growth).

The more it walks the dog, the more – rarely have cut as nails erased naturally. Note also that very often nails the hindquarters grow more – faster than the front.

If you leave nails dog too long, cuticle will become – long. You’ll have to take short cuts minimum nail cuticle to be able to go back inside.

In addition, long nails can pose a danger to the health of your dog. For example, if the dog broke a nail, cuticle will remain open and can get infected.

4. Perform the procedure during the day in a well lit place
By – it’s easy to see vascularised area if you hold the paw of the dog well-lit place. This will enable you to make a good cut of nail without affecting cuticle.

If your dog has white nails, cuticle will pinkish. However, if the animal has dark nails, finding him will not be so easy. If you are experiencing difficulties with its definition, refer to the veterinarian for help.

5. Pull back the front paws
This is very useful advice, especially if your dog is terrified at the sight of scissors to his feet.

Bend paw him back and give him a treat to distract and looking up, not down.

Nails one by one and give the dog a treat before each cropping fingernail.

6. Give rewards the dog for good behavior
For most dogs, cutting the nails is not a pleasant experience. One way to ensure the smooth conduct of the dog during the procedure is regularly rewarded him with a favorite treat.

Do not force your dog if too frightened because it can pull his paw at the last moment or become aggressive. Proceed slowly and calmly to create his idea that cutting your nails is a positive thing.