How to Deal with Christmas Dinner with Your Brother-In-Law, Apple Fan

If you like Christmas as if not, one of the worst things that can happen this holiday season You agree at a dinner next to your brother-in-law fan of Apple. Or your cousin. Or your uncle from the village. Or your best friend who shows up on with a brand new iPhone. Surprise!

  • What happens, César! Have you already tried ‘Super Mario Run’?
  • Oh, really! That you can’t with your Android!

Before you start playing music from Mortal Kombat and someone yell of “Fight!”, let’s look at how you can deal with as a professional this situation in which a lover of Apple is willing to convince you that iOS is better than Android.

Let’s not compare apples and oranges

One thing is Android and iOS (software) and other hardware. Android is present in all types of terminals: low-range, medium and high. iOS, not. This conversation It can only make sense if we don’t mix of hardware and software issues.

Do you have a high end Android device? You can then enter a more or less complete comparison with an iPhone 6 or 7, but if this is not the case don’t waste time because we would be comparing teams from different leagues. And, please, We never fall into arguing with the typical “my Chinese Mobile does the same thing your iPhone and costs less than half”. It is not true and never will be. On paper the specifications of a phone can paint very well, but then there is the experience of actual use, warranty, customer service and many details that are not so obvious but that end up making the difference.

In any case, if the conversation is about operating systems, we start to mix issues as which has the best camera, if one is made of plastic or not, if lasts it longer battery, etc. Software can improve or worsen the experience that provides the hardware, but the basis for many issues is always the hardware and gives for discussion apart.

Now, let’s talk about Android and iOS.

Move me this file here, please

Oddly enough, iOS does not have an own file manager. You have to rely on apps dedicated to this and, even so, the experience of moving or modifying files is not comparable to Android, where there is no friction, everything is more natural and intuitive. And it is not a matter:

  • Example 1: you try to copy a media file from your smartphone to your laptop or PC.
  • Example 2: to carry a movie downloaded to an iPhone you will have to download it on a computer and sync it with iTunes. And it doesn’t do any format.

Without a doubt, iOS much complicates things. And here comes the typical ecosystem closed vs open ecosystem, which, although derived, is another matter apart. But what is clear is that on Android you can download files from the browser, while in iOS, you will need a file manager.

To your liking

In iOS, Apple takes care of customization. The things you can change are limited to the wallpaper and the order of folders and applications in the menu. Android is the opposite. You can practically what comes to mind, install launchers, packs of icons, or changing the lock screen, sound notifications and ringtones, keyboards…

“But is that my iOS I like as well”. Congratulations, but also understands that there are people that like to have the option of changing things. It is a question of freedom of choice, and the customization is a battle lost in iOS against Android at the moment.

Google Maps and default apps

Yes, Apple’s maps has improved with the passage of time, but Google Maps is still better, more effective and more and adds more features and integrations with other apps and services. Problem? What in iOS you can not put Google Maps app as default to replace maps of Apple. When you ask a direction to Siri, will it offer directly on maps. When you search for or pulses in one direction, you can choose between maps or, if you have it installed, Google Maps. And this is a disadvantage, not so much because maps is better or worse, but because you can’t change which one to use by default and you have to choose every time. It is something that applies to apps by default in iOS and that, with some exceptions, can not change (Safari, Mail, maps, etc.). On Android you can Yes change apps by default.


Android allows us to use several applications in the same window. For example: see a video on YouTube and have a conversation of WhatsApp/Telegram open at the same time. Here logically affect the size of screen and our phone hardware performance, but the operating system allows multitasking. iOS has this option for iPad, but not for iPhone.

Storage problems?

One of the resources to recover storage space on our Android is clear the cache all apps and games that we have installed. It’s easy and accessible for each app or game and from settings-> storage. In iOS will have to uninstall and reinstall the app or game to clear the cache (although there are some exception that allows clear the cache directly from the app, such as Tumblr), and taking into account of iPhones 16 GB there are out there, it’s something that may have to be done often. A little incordio, isn’t it?

On security

But iOS is much more secure than Android! It is true that thanks to the possibilities of customization, the more open ecosystem and Google Play, it’s easy to sneak malware, have an infected Android or victim of attack is, on paper, more simple. However, in all the years that I’ve been using Android (and on different devices), I’ve never had any security problem: no viruses, no hacks, anything.

Aquí It depends on cautious or reckless that the users themselves. If not desconfías of according to what games or apps of dubious origin, if you download files from murky sources or if you connect to a WiFi public and unsecured, the odds that you finish passing something come up, but if you have Android as iOS. Both operating systems have their security measures and do a good job to improve them, but it will always be vulnerabilities and no one will be safe. Logically, have installed the latest version of your operating system always will be positive, but the argument “iOS is more secure than Android” does not work today because both have good security.

Android does not oblige to use iTunes

In iOS all have to go through iTunes which is perhaps the worst Apple product today? Already commented before that to move files to an iPhone you have to previously go through iTunes, but it then they are the problems with synchronization between devices (let’s ask iOS users if ever deleted them the file library problems of this type).

It is perhaps a matter of design (own framework garment commented that the fault with iTunes comes from wanting to introduce many features in a same app and, at the same time, maintain a clean aesthetic and minimalist), but also, once again, force the same for all users of iOS. And the pretext of “Apple does so for something, because it is well optimized” doesn’t always work. Android does not drag a little practical and compulsory app like iTunes.

In conclusion

Anyway, and more taking into account that we are at Christmas, let us not fall into the haterismo. Android has good things, iOS also. At the end it is that each use what best serves you and what you like most. It makes no sense talking full 2016 that Android is better than iOS or vice versa, because both operating systems have points in favour and against. We can live perfectly, and if not that is to say our fellow Applesfera.