How to Decorate a Wedding Umbrella

Wedding umbrellas look very stylish protection from the sun and look at wedding photos. When you set out in search of the perfect wedding dress, be sure to pay attention to the umbrella.

How to Take an Umbrella for Wedding?

Let’s start with the fact that today there are several basic models of this wedding accessories. You can take wedding umbrella under any outfit and style of wedding, as franciscogardening listed:

  • Paper umbrella and most affordable option, but it is very light and you can safely choose a variety of paintings to decorate, but the rain she, of course, will not save him;
  • Wedding lace parasol – the most popular and sophisticated model to knit or crochet fringe and it looks really elegant;
  • Creative and courageous barыshnyam suitable transparent wedding umbrella: It perfectly protects from rain, suitable for everyone wrong and still a good idea to leave guest wishes for memory;
  • Waterproof white wedding umbrella – choice of girls practical, he fully perform its function, and decorate it with various decorations – stones to strip;
  • Colored waterproof models successfully combined with decoration: for example, a wedding dress with a red ribbon, lace color inserts.

To clothing not compete with your chosen umbrella for wedding, choose any one style. If this lace must overlap with the decor of the wedding dress and Fateh. As for size, chic models with wheels complement the outfit with a straight silhouette.

All stones, beads or other decorative elements also need to be repeated final wedding dress. Wedding umbrellas decorated with ribbons or flowers to handle. Image this combination seems particularly gently. Incidentally, you can choose similar patterns for bridesmaids in a range of colors.