How To Dress According To Your Body

Today we give you the keys on how to dress according to your body. It does not matter if you are tall, short, if you have much or little chest . What matters to us in demodaybelleza is that you always look good and that you learn to get the most out of it.

Remember that the more you know yourself, theeasier it will be for you to find garments or looksthat favor you and that suit your style andsilhouette.

So the first tip or tip about how to dress according to your body, is to dress with what you feel more comfortable and confident of yourself. Not all silhouettes are the same and there is the beauty and difference that each one has. Dare to differentiate!

Tips On How To Dress According To Your Body

Rule # 1 on how to dress according to your body: Accept your body

We always dream of having what we do not have, but we must accept reality. And many women in the fashion industry know about this. The perfection does not exist and is never enough for the most intolerant. So to learn how to dress according to your body, the first rule is to accept yourself as you are.

How To Dress If You Are Tall

6 Tips On How To Dress According To Your Body, Especially For High

#1 The Shirt Inside

A small detail that will put the accent on your waist and, optically, will draw a cross section that reduces the longitudinal perception.

#2 High Above The Knees, Over The Knee

Assume a cut in the middle of the leg that very few can afford, take advantage of your advantage.

#3 Wear A Belt

To break with verticality it is best to draw a horizontal line at the waist that breaks thesilhouette, the same effect that is achieved with the shirt inside we will get it with a belt over dresses or coats.

#4 Maxivestidos

It is not that they are reserved exclusively for tall women but especially favor them. Firstly, because in most cases they do not need to retouch the bass and secondly because it takesadvantage of their height. The problem is that the length is not enough, a home trick to convert it into a midi dress without a sewing machine is to make two small nudes (like the ones we make in the straps of a shirt) on the sides of the bass.

#5 Above The Knee

It is the perfect height to balance a slendersilhouette and take advantage of it .

#6 The Horizontal Stripes

Discarded for years because they ‘made them fat’, they are a very effective resource for breaking verticality.

How To Dress To Look Taller

How to dress according to your body: special for short

I leave you a video in which you can see t rucos that will be very useful in the day to day and thus you will get more out of your closet bottom while adding a few more inches to your heightvisually.

Besides the video I leave some extra tips to learnhow to dress according to your body , and look taller.

#1 Dress Or Skirt Midi Better Than Maxi

It does not mean that you can not wear a long skirt if you do not have scandalous legs but if, at any given moment, you want to simulate a couple of centimeters bet on the length at mid-leg.

#2 Skirts With Silhouette A

They are trend and also lengthen the silhouette .For optical effect, choose the short skirts that have a slight cut  better than those that are girdled on the leg.

#3 The Shirt At Hip Height

The longer shirts or shirts play against you because they flatten the silhouette but when it falls just above the bones of the pelvis favors verticality.

#4 Put The Accent On The Waist

It is not a question of hiding the breast but of insinuating it better than teaching it elegantly.Calling attention to the part of the abdomen is a resource.

#5 Things To Avoid

Heels with bracelet

Visually ‘cut’ the leg at the height of the ankle.

Two rows of buttons

It is another optical resource that consists of using a simple row of buttons to visually narrow the silhouette.

Ornaments, ruffles or fringes

They add volume on the area without taking advantage of the anatomy.

How To Dress If You Have A Lot Of Chest

How to dress according to your body: special for those with a lot of breast

#1 The Wider The Straps The Better

Thinner divert attention on the chest, however, the wide straps give the feeling of support and structure modeling the silhouette bombshell.

#2 Neckline On The Back

The advantage of having little breast is that it is more comfortable to dispense with bra free leaving the back for infinite necklines and very sexy.

# 3  Strapless Neckline

The same thing happens with the straps, you can do without them and also focus attention on the area of ​​the clavicle and arms. In your case, an ornament on the front is a plus.

#4 Never Ever Take

The high neck

It will visually increase your cleavage and will not favor you at all.

The 3/4 sleeve

It can mark folds on the skin and instead of highlighting the curves seems to pretend to disguise them achieving the opposite.

Strapless neckline

As in everything, there are honorable exceptions but you have to know how to choose a cut of honor that support and fit the silhouette.Generally, they create horizontality and focus attention on the chest area.

How To Dress If You Have Little Chest

How to dress according to your body: special for those with little chest

#1 All Kinds Of Bikinis

Halter, bandeau or triangle are the ones that favor this silhouette.

#2 Upper Collar

The high collar will make your chest look bulky.Try it and you will see the difference.

#3 Strapless Neckline

The strapless neckline will turn all eyes on your neckline and make your chest look bulky.

#4 V-neck

Thanks to the V-neck, your chest will look bigger. Try it and you will see.

How To Dress To Look Thin

How to dress according to your body: special for looking thin

#1 Dark Colors

Why do you think that in the weeks of fashion the most popular color is black? To sharpen the silhouette use flat colors and also play with the color block or the cut out  to draw an hourglass.

#2 High Waisted Pants

After the influence of the noventera and the waists hyper-sales, the silhouette of the 70’s rises again and, although it costs us to make the idea tune and waist a lot.

#3 Shoes With Tip

Add a few centimeters and, even more, if we choose them with a wide lash that allows the toes to appear slightly.

#4 Total Look

They increase the verticality of the body, as it happens with the stamping of vertical stripes and the combination of both, logically, multiplies its effect.

I hope you liked the post today. Thank you so much for being there every day.