How to Dress for Work During Pregnancy?

The Hights

Ladies, rejoice because the current mode allows you to wear just about anything you want! To you the blouses, the high trapeze shapes, the dresses “Baby Doll” and other finds that allow you to slide your can effortlessly! And if you do not already have all this in your wardrobe, no need to shout your banker. You can find these items at all major stores (H & M, Gap, C & A …).

Followers of the jacket or coat, remember to wear open, not to “deconstruct” your figure.

The Socks

Why not continue wearing your pants, at least the first month? Simply put buttoned to keep them with straps or adding an elastic waist, with a “Belly belt” kit for example. In late pregnancy, however, you should definitely invest in a new pants for your body type. We choose the material in a chic and comfortable as linen, and in a solid color. Good to know: dark colors blur the superfluous kilos of pregnancy. Think about it here!

If your job allows you, dare jeans waistband. Just make sure that the size is not too tight and that the pants will keep until delivery. Your comfort comes first!

The Shoes

Consider, again, preferred the comfort! The models of shoes too flat, too high or too tight are strongly discouraged. In order not to hurt your back, a heel between 2 and 4 cm is ideal. The offset is fashionable, why deprive yourself?