How to Expand Shoes

Your shoes are too small? A too narrow shoe can do much harm to your feet, and therefore all of your skeleton (since it is based on it!)

Here are three tips from SHOE-Wiki on the topic: How to expand shoes.

Let the time expand your new shoes

You bought your pair of shoes a little too hastily and you feel a little cramped? Or maybe you tried the morning, when your foot is a bit less inflated than late afternoon? Wait a little while before despair and look for a way to expand your shoes. Maybe just wear a little while.

Try first to wear your shoes with SOCKS very thin (veil or wire in Scotland), to maximally reduce the volume of your foot in the shoe. More socks are thick, you reduce the space reserved for your feet.

Your shoe is still too small? Try to wear by only two or three hours in the morning on the weekends (in order to change the pair when you wish.) As the foot is less sensitive and swollen in the morning, you will more easily support the port of the shoe, that should relax a bit over the top ports.

Indeed, a shoe leather to quality, which has including a real sole leather (as all shoes of Norbert Bootmaker) will necessarily be a little stiff in the beginning will take time to relax, so as to expand the shoe leather.

After a few ports, the shoe should widen. Of course, it depends on how she was close to the start of the quality of the shoe and the shape of your feet.

Experience, this technique solves the problems around two thirds of the customers that we see happening in the shop with a pair of shoes in bad appearance.

If ever that’s not enough, or else if the pair was really much too small, there are other solutions to expand a shoe:

How to expand shoes using a conformer

Your problem persists despite our first Board? You’re going to have to use what is called a conformer spray to try to expand your pair of shoes.

It is a product that is applied both inside and outside of the shoe and which will moisten the leather in order to make more flexible it. It takes the form of a foam.

Once the product carefully applied on the shoe, there is more to walk immediately by wearing, slow steps, for a little while. You will see, in addition to the feeling of freshness that provides the product, the leather will soften quickly and your shoe will expand.

Allow around four chances in five to expand your shoes successfully by using the method of the conformer spray!

How the cobbler expands your shoes

When a shoe is too small and the conformer doesn’t matter, shoemakers have one last tip: the shape force.

For example our at Norbert Bottier:

Indeed, we do not only selling luxury shoes : We repair them and also maintain!

In the hopeless, if you can’t expand your shoes yourself, feel free to entrust them to make us surmount them, whether in length or in width to adapt best to the size and the shape of your feet.

Thanks to the method of the form in force, you will be assured of getting a satisfactory result.

Attention to the foothills

Sometimes this isn’t the length or the width of the shoe that is jammed, but rather the piece of leather that is rear , at the level of its opening, and called in shoemaking a buttress.

If the buttress of the shoe is too high, it may press on your ankles: the bones that lie at the level of your ankle joint. This can be simply uncomfortable, but also cause real pain and posture problems.

To avoid these inconveniences, i l just temporarily install a removable foam or gel heel (from 4 to 6 millimeters thick) in the shoe. It will raise your heel at the back of the shoe. Your ankles will not more friction against the upper part of the slide of the shoe and you will not feel more discomfort.

These tips were useful? Still you have questions? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment, contact us on facebook or by mail !