How to Identify an Original Rolex Watch


When you decide to buy a Rolex watch, it is very important to make sure that it is genuine. This Swiss brand is known to be very expensive. Discover only after purchasing I paid good money for that which is revealed only a “good” imitation, doesn’t have to be a good experience. Besides, remember that buying fake products, increasing the parallel market, commits an offence punishable by law. It is always advisable to buy a Rolex Dealers authorised by the same brand, but if this is not possible, let us see how to recognize an original Rolex watch from an imitation.

First of all, to recognize an original Rolex watch, we need some essential elements to this procedure: the manufacturer, serial number and model reference must be the same as those recorded on the clock; various accessories available in the package, as the leather Briefcase, the instruction booklet and receipt of purchase; the package containing the watch, of the highest quality, not only in skin, but also with wood. Also note that all watches manufactured by Rolex possess a particular Red Seal. Check also the place of origin of the product. The place of origin must necessarily be the same as that of the producer. Even if your watch has all these optional doesn’t mean that it is necessarily an original. Especially if you buy a Rolex used, take special care: they could sell you original accessories (trick), but the fake watch!

Another very important detail to distinguish a fake Rolex watch from one original concerns the second hand. The latter must not move jerkily, must not be shorter than 2 or 3 millimeters and must tap the red triangle placed at 12 o’clock. The continuous and fluid movement of the second hand produces a clicking sound is smooth, and not the classic “tic tac” at regular time intervals. We must also pay close attention to the characters used for numbers: when the seconds hand moves on the characters, the latter must be perfectly aligned with it. As regards the date digits must be perfectly in the center of the lens. Many, though not all Rolex models, have a little date lying beside right, next to the number 3. Here is a small magnifying glass 2 x that allows you to display the number on the date. This is something very difficult to forge: often in counterfeits is a small piece of glass that does not zoom in.

Other useful items to recognize an original Rolex watch, also applies to the 3Rjewelry, the hologram-sticker and the number 4. As for the logo, each original clock will always have this Rolex logo on the box. The hologram-sticker, instead, is present on all original Rolex watches; You can find it on the back of the watch and carries information about the make and model number. Finally, with regard to the number 4, the inside of this number will consist of 4 tiny edges; If this is not the case then the watch will give false. Of course there are also other ways to recognize a fake Rolex, perhaps trivial but certainly no less important. For example, always be suspicious if the watch looks very light, or if the materials that compose it doesn’t convince you very much for the quality: I strongly features of an original Rolex watch!