How to Identify the Best Toys for Children?

Out of the common place. Put the body, hands and head to work together. Go beyond what is offered in the commercials. With a routine so heavy and, at the same time, made easier with access to millions of products, we end up getting carried away by a mass consumerism. And this is no different when it comes to toy.

When was the last time you played with your son? What was the last gift you gave him that require you to sit to play? Are you another one who thinks toy is to relieve and give parents a break?Difficult questions to be answered, because they put us in a position of defendants of the education and development of our children. That lead us to that endless guilt of parents of contemporaneity according to HISTORYAAH.COM.

To Change The Context

The coolest think and reflect on the ways of our children is always able to start over. They are more flexible and dynamic. Allow us to change your posture without losing the charm of the relationship.It’s great to see the purity of their eyes eager for news, for attention, for a little something to bring cuddle.

A video of a mini roller coaster built by a grandfather viralizou on social networks in the last few weeks. View the joy those kids having fun with the invention is a shot in the arm for us to change your posture and assume the reins of the games. Offer more creative and less canned content for small.

It is true that some children may resist more to again, if she never had contact with imaginative toys.Others throw themselves head to figure out how to do. What counts is the intention to offer and show that I can play creating. The joke is much happier when built. And, especially, when all this is accomplished together. With the effective participation of the family.


One of the cheapest ways to start the game is knowing more about the toys can be made with recyclable materials. This movement to reduce the production of waste and achieve a conscious consumption is increasingly seen, read and researched. For us, which may be taken into account is the practicality of having home items to transform. For our children, we collaborate with training and environmental awareness.

Nowadays, the schools have been working hard with this re-use of the materials. While conducting its activities, the teachers always hang an item from home. Be a pet bottle, a carton of milk, a cup of yogurt or an egg carton. Along with the children build, change the purposes and transform the garbage of the day.

What needs to be done, is to take this concept into our homes. Separate a long weekend or on the run of the day to propose to our children play games that build the new. Offer them simple toys, made by the family, full of affection. The game can start already in the choice of materials, in the planning of what will be accomplished.

A Little Help

The market is also keeping an eye on this trend. Today we found a number of sustainable products and to allow the child to play with the family building. Options are costurinhas, inventions, kits,cozinhadinhos, gardening, gamespaintings. All handcrafted so that our kids can unleash the imagination.

We realize that, it begins to be a look. The manufacturers want to offer news through do together and build. A market that has everything to grow and show that it is possible to encourage children to do something new, don’t expect everything ready and at hand.

This gap that exists in the world of technology needs to be filled. Is a gap between the virtual and the concrete that parents and educators can, and should, take ownership. It’s time to do get toys which arouse curiosity, imagination and creativity of children. Toys that can improve hand-eye coordination and give more autonomy and trust for them to develop new projects.

Enjoy and take advantage of this invitation to the change of concepts. Transform and create profitable moments with the kids. For family growth that’s important, let alone the psychomotor development of the child. It is worth to join her in this incredible adventure to create, produce and play!