How to Maintain a Sleeping Bag

For many the end of camping season arrives with autumn. But how to store your sleeping bag to maximize its life and how to care?

Maintenance is greatly facilitated when you have a sleeping bag liner because then you can only wash the lining. Nevertheless, the sleeping bag will eventually need cleaning, so here are some tips.

Cleaning your sleeping bag

Wash down an isolated product is always tricky. Use a professional cleaning service is then to be considered, but note that dry cleaning is not recommended.

If you decide to wash yourself, whether isolated or synthetic Down:

1-Take note of the product labels.

2-Use a large front loading machine set to the gentle cycle and cold water to avoid damaging the sleeping bag.

3-Use a soap specially designed for down products such as down articles for Granger’s cleaner or mild soap without detergent according to the insulation.

  1. Flip the sleeping bag inside out to protect the outer fabric is waterproof or water resistant and close all zippers and Zipcodesexplorer.

Differences between a sleeping bag down and synthetic here

Dry Your Sleeping Bag

For drying, also follow the instructions on the product labels. For sleeping bags down , let dry in the machine at the lowest possible temperature. You can add a few tennis balls to give all his volume down.

Frequently check the sleeping bag to ensure that the temperature of your dryer is not too high and that there is no “motton” formed by the insulation. If there is, you can massage to distribute the insulation. If your dryer is too hot it can melt the fabric. Make sure the sleeping bag is completely dry before storing; know that this is a long process.

For the synthetic insulation, follow the same recommendations and forget the tennis balls.

Store Your Sleeping Bag

Regardless of the insulation in your sleeping bag, the general rules for your storage remain the same:

1-Make completely dry your sleeping bag before storing. The store prematurely without drying can cause mold problems. So to avoid putrid smells, I suggest you to dry in the open air for several hours without direct sunlight and return regularly to make sure that all the moisture out of the insulation.

2-It is important to store it in the storage bag which is sometimes provided when purchasing: a large bag that does not compress the sleeping bag. The store in a compression bag can, in the long run damage the insulation and reduce its life span.

3-For the same reason, it is best to store it in a cool, dry place.

In any case, if you are unsure or have questions, you can visit the web site of the companies. You will usually find the steps to start to clean your sleeping bag. Also keep in mind that if you use a sleeping bag liner, you do not have to wash the bag as frequently which preserve its life.

Do not do this to your bag

DO NOT use a loading machine from above
DO NOT use soap with detergent
DO NOT pull the fabric at one end of the bag when wet (collect it and lift the whole bag)
DO NOT store in a compression bag
dO NOT dry in direct sunlight