How to Make a Patchwork Apron

Many believe that apron – not very important piece of clothing you need only to protect the dress from splattering when you wash chiniite.

No apron capable in their own beautification clothes. I not just an ordinary home, but before festive. If grab a tray of cake, hostess brings clever little apron, it will produce a large effect.

So apron in the house should have a few – so-called workers and elegant.

front apron is always better to have a big pocket sewn. He will actually double in front of the platform and washing platform will be less wet, long dress keep fresh and clean.

And if this new apron and scarf from the same cloth, it is appropriate to give such an ensemble of birthday her friend or relative.

Finishing materials – tapes, the main strip of fabric for ryushechek and wrinkles bandwidth – 6-7 cm.

Think about how you designed the apron trim, for him, nothing will be too much so.