How to Make Jewelry

The accessories have that name, but they have nothing of accessories, on the contrary, they are quite indispensable, after all one of us leaves without an earring or a ring or a bag? Earrings, necklaces, rings and other jewelry give a charm more in look, but sometimes cost so expensive we resorts to jewelry.

This post will for creative friends, for those who like to craft work. Today I will talk a little bit about how to make jewelry. From today you will walk with your super exclusive bijoux made ​​by yourself.

The jewelry differ from jewelry to be made of materials not considered noble and these include textiles, plastics, stones and whatever else you want.

But the time when cheap jewelry costing is gone, now you can find some pretty expensive bijoux, the price varies according to the beauty, the difficulty to do and also changes from region to region. The best-known jewelry stores also Salgam ( a little in price, others less so, if you are in Pink Bijou will find wonderful and well cockroaches jewelry.

But now we go to our jewelry.


* Paste: Let’s make a necklace whose pendant is in the geometric shape of a triangle, and this pendant will be made ​​by credit card or any firmer card you do not use more.

Materials: Firm card, a chain the size you see fit four ringlets, enamels, pliers, paper, scissors, hole punch and pen.

Preparation: drawing on paper the geometric shape the size you want and cut out; using this template, cut out the card and a little sand the ends and sides to not hurt you when you use; with hole punch, make two holes in triangles, one at the base of the other in the opposite corner; paint the triangles with the chosen enamels, you can paint a triangle of each color, or you can paint one side of each color, goes out of his imagination, pass as many layers as you feel necessary; allow to dry enamel and use the ringlets to join the triangles (the vertex of the base of the other) and the current.

This is a very expensive model, but it is wonderful depending on the color of the glaze you use, if you use nail polish with glitter can even be a jewelry for use in more sophisticated occasions.

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Earring embroidered with beads: this is a more elaborate piece and for those who already have some practice with making jewelry.

the materials: fabric lacy’s stiff stuff white, largest stone in teardrop shape (which will be the central part of the earring), smaller stones, beads of different sizes and colors, nylon, hook and thick needle.

Preparation: glue or sew the largest stone in the middle of the fabric; embroider a layer of medium – sized beads around the stone; edge over the first layer, jumping a pebble, a layer with beads one little larger and of different colors, remember: every two; in the spaces left over edges and little niggling beads. Cut paper left and sew a leather tissue at the back of earring to give the finished; the part that will be in the ear, you edge a few miçanguinhas between them puts the hook in the position you want to stay in your ear and give the knot in the nylon. Your earring is ready.

As I said, the earring is now for those who have prior knowledge of making jewelry if you have never done, opt for a simpler piece.