How to Make Shorts from Old Pants

Girls get ready! Summer’s coming, and with it comes also the sets of customized clothing. In fact this style is already being seen for some months now and definitely been doing the greatest success. In this new season is coming, the shorts are with everything and the customized will blow.


You have probably seen some, is a known, a friend or a stranger passing by the street.All we were drooling isn’t it? The first thing we do is run to
the shops and arrange the most beautiful of all. Just a small detail, end of year tends to be the time that we spend the money on gifts and travel and end up not left much for clothing.

A short customized, costs on average about R$ 100.00, that if he is not of known brand because if it is, you can double this value. But it  is very easy and much cheaper to have your own custom shorts from old pants? It will turn out exactly the way you want to.

What you need to do

All you need is creativity. You know that old pants that are long time leaning on the back of my closet and you don’t even remember it exists? Or so that stage white pants that you thought you weren’t going to use it for anything else? Yes, they will be your salvation in these difficult times.

The best time to cut short a of mold. Use what you like best, mainly the length. Cut very carefully so that the sheath in stay or pie then use a ruler with a fabric chalk to mark the correct path. You will need other things like sandpaper, thumbtacks, beads, beads and all the other things you want to do the customization. Rents are also being fairly used.

If you don’t want to pay a seamstress to make the hem of the shorts, the shredded is the basic key piece right now. There are several ways to unravel a short, the needles and clamps are the most common forms. I personally prefer the sandpaper. She leaves a much more stripped down effect with the appearance of aged and fringe doesn’t get so uptight.

The studs can be placed into their own hands. If Miss creativity, there are several images on the internet with various models, colors and different styles to help you with new ideas. You’ll also find pockets covered with printed fabric, which comes out well on the cheap because you can ask for any seamstress flaps since you won’t serve for her use.

Another practical way and already well known to customize the short is staining it. Many people are used to dive the clear shorts in tintou or bleach. There is another simple way to do this and you can still cause an effect which is very cool. degrade It’s simple: use a spray bottle with a mixture of water with bleach. Never use bleach only, because she’s going to rip all your short by weakening the fabric.

Did you see? There are many ways to have a brand-new wardrobe without spending a lot. On average, spending is around R$ 5.00 for a short that uses 50 thumbtacks for example. Enjoy this fashion to retrieve their old clothes and if you want, you can still earn extra money doing this kind of work profi.