How to Make Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed

This weekend, protect your furniture creating a comfortable cart for your dog

In 2008, I bought my house, a building built in the 50 years that I filled with custom furniture before taking my dog to a shelter, a “sower of hairs” all white by the name of Gidget . Although I love it, I appreciate unless it covers my sofa in dark brown velvet with a thick white down when she loses her hair. I drew a dozen super chic baskets for friends canines-convinced I was going to impress my friends and fellow designers-to dissuade to ride on my Danish sofa before realizing that it was a dog that urinated against the walls and ate stones. There was no way I spend € 1,000 to buy him furniture. So I long stirred my brain to create a customized cart, which would be both funny and comfortable without ruining me. The result ? A suitcase vintage turned into dog’s. Here is how I did it:


I present Gidget. She loves to nibble my neck of another dog Sebastian and filching candy to hide in a corner. She clearly needs to have no place for her.Yes, those are shoes dog you see … And yes, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I bought myself. Enough about me and let’s talk about the project.


Do not choose any suitcase: it is important that the shell is rigid, plastic, wood or metal. A soft-shell case is not structurally capable of supporting (a) furniture feet or (b) an animal that moves in all directions.

In addition to a suitcase vintage , it will equip you with a screwdriver, 2 pin boards 2.50 x 10 cm, with claw nuts (to press), loose screw feet, a drill and a cushion.


STEP 1: Using the screwdriver, remove the screws from the frame of the bag.

STEP 2: Once the screws are removed, separate the bag into two. You can now get rid of the top because we do have more need.

STEP 3: Measure the length of the inside of your suitcase.Depending on the observed dimensions, cutting boards made from your favorite home improvement store to the length of the inside of the bag. Use the drill and drill suitable for drilling holes to 2.5 centimeters from the edges at each end boards, nut head up, all aligned with the surface of the board.

STEP 4 :Place each board inside the bag, making sure that the claws nuts are positioned to 7.50 centimeters from the edge of the bag. Hold the boards, gently tilt the bag up and mark 7.5 cm from the edges of the outer shell with the drill bit. This will ensure the alignment of nuts with each hole.

STEP 5: Drill 4 holes in the hull at the location of marks made with the drill, near the corners of the bag. The holes obtained should be perfectly aligned with the claw nuts holes.

This is where the furniture legs come in. And what are they for?Well, thank you for asking. They will be screwed to claw nuts for proper maintenance of the structure.

STEP 6: It’s time to attach the legs. Using one hand, align nuts with holes in the hull. Use your other hand to screw the feet by turning clockwise until they are firmly attached to the hull.

Terrible is not it? Do not worry, this foundation is indispensable as ugly. We will in any case cover all that in the last step in decorating!

Easily the cushions to customize the basket. If your dog does not lose a lot of hair, then the possibilities are endless. For those who like me have a sower of hair, consider weaving, resistant fabrics, colorful or graphics. They hide all fine hairs.I myself have chosen a toile de Jouy that recalls the red of the outer shell of the bag and that perfectly conceals white Gidget hair.

STEP 7: The home stretch: Place the bag inside the suitcase. It is best to choose a slightly larger than the bag so it is snug. Place your dog in his new cart and explain that the sofa is reserved exclusively for humans!

One last thing, if you are not very manual, the site Petwithsupplies offers dog Packed suitcases who ask that one thing. you know typing your credit card number