How to Position Your Bike Saddle

It is essential to properly adjust the position of the seat to successfully ride. This type of regulation can be safely carried out independently by following the simple directions. Who has ever ride a bike knows that as well as the correct choice of the measure of the wheels and the frame to do at the time of purchase, it is important to properly maintain other minor adjustments necessary to assume correct posture on our bike. Let’s see how to position your bike saddle.

Let’s start with definitions of what we need to adjust. We define “seat height” the distance between the center of the bottom bracket and the center of the saddle. A proper height is essential to properly maintain the movement of the leg while pedaling without jamming. The “retreat of the saddle ‘ is the distance of the rear of the seat from the imaginary vertical line. The adjustment of this magnitude need to properly balance the weight of the body on the bicycle, thus avoiding imbalances forwards or backwards while driving that will lead to increased fatigue or, in severe cases, drops.

To measure the decline there is an easy and effective way, the KOPS. First you need to rotate the pedals until you place them in a perfectly horizontal. At this point we need to consider more advanced foot—the one closer to the front wheel. Using a thread at the end of which hangs a little plummet, one must measure the offset: hold the wire leaned a few millimeters from the tip of the knee. The piombino which descends vertically must be positioned exactly in the center of the pedal: this will give the retreat.

To adjust the height of bike saddle there are few practical methods from Cheeroutdoor. The pedaling backward method is to conduct a ride in the opposite direction in which the March and make sure that, when the leg is completely relaxed, the heel of the foot fits perfectly to the pedal. This method prevents oscillating movements of the pelvis during pedaling. The method of equilibrium position is instead falls into position on the saddle fully stretching their legs. In this case, only your toes should lean on the ground. There are also mathematical methods more precise and accurate it being much more difficult to apply, are poorly used.