How to Prepare Bait for Sea Fishing

Fishing with float is undoubtedly one of the most common techniques of sea fishing. It basically lets you take both fish lying on the surface, both those who are on the bottom. Not everyone knows that you will need to make a proper fishing groundbait right. Therefore this guide will explain how to prepare the bait for fishing in the sea with floating.

Be sure to have on hand:

Pan satchel bags

Sardinian oil



Mozzarella serum

Pecorino cheese

First, in any well stocked supermarket, we must buy top loaf. Subsequently, helping us with a sharp knife, we need to cut all the outside of the crust. In a bowl rather roomy then we crumble the bread using your hands, very roughly, though careful not to create pieces neither too big nor too small.

After carefully fragmented all crumb, we can put it in a container. Afterwards, we can add little by little a glass of milk and whey, mozzarella previously bread crumbled. Then we have to wait a few minutes so that the inner part can successfully damping. We check well that is not any part of dry bread. At this point we can add a pinch of salt and a bit of pecorino cheese to our compound. Putting the carefully and gently using a spoon and let the dough remains as compact as possible. To do this we may add from time to time of bread crumbs in the bowl to make our compound very hard. Then, knead with hands and create a sort of ball.

When we made a pretty good ball, we have to sprinkle outside with Sardinian oil. If we want to have an even better effect, we can spread the mixture into the bowl and put it to soak in the Sardinian oil for about 10 minutes. If you don’t have time to waste we can simply coat the outer surface of the ball with the oil. Then drain excess oil and dry the exterior of groundbait sprinkling it with sugar and other bread crumbs. Finally, remember that you should never use flour, which, despite being a good bonding agent naturally, might cause problems when we approcceremo to launch the pasture in sea.