How to recover deleted photos to the SD card?

Can you just take the fright of your life to see that you have lost all the pictures of your last trip, of that one moment, etc …? Do not worry, all can happen to us, it is that in some cameras is downright simple press without in any delete function to remove our images. But do not despair, recover is quite simple for a reason: cameras usually not formatted cards, limited to delete photos and overwrite the data without more, that’s pretty “simple” recover all files without undue complications.

Of course, if you do not want to lose any photo, we strongly recommend not take any more picture with the camera I recommend, as new photos are overwritten on the previously deleted. Apart from paid programs, or some that are included with the purchase of some cards (such as SANDISK RESCUE-PRO), exist on the network programs to recover deleted photos from a memory card. A quite simple and completely free program for Windows platform is Restoration created by Brian Kano.

The program is very light and no complicated setup to run on your computer will be necessary. Simply select the drive for faster scan and try to introduce some search criteria. Normally cameras follow a certain pattern when naming the images that are created, seeing this pattern in the menu on your camera, you will facilitate the task of the program. Once the program has just completed the scan, just we have to choose the destination folder where we want to save the recovered images. I leave the link of the program: And if you’re using Mac, Linux, Windows or any other platform, you also leave another free program multiplatform: TestDisk, that although a little more complex in its use, is more agile in performance.