How To Select The Appropriate Screen Protector

Although most advanced smartphones have a Gorilla Glass-coating on the screen, which gives them extra protection, does this not that you don’t need real screen protection. All mobile screens are prone to stains, fingerprints and scratches, which leads to the phone loses its charm and beauty.

Belkin protective film for iPhone 5

If you want to keep your mobile in good condition, you should choose the right screen protection. There are mainly three types of screen protectors, and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Read this little guide and find your perfect protective film.

* Clear – this is the most practical and traditional alternative. This kind of screen protector provides clarity and its main intent is to protect against scratches and fingerprints. You will notice that each product includes several protectors, while others have only one.

Cons: If you buy a package with two or three screen protectors, you get thin protectors which (when used properly) knabt can be felt. The protects your phone from scratches exactly like other protectors, but wears out over time. This means that you eventually will need to replace the worn protects with another from the package. Screen protectors, which contains only one Bill in the package, is usually a little thicker, and they will be able to withstand scratches for a long period of time.

Screen Protector for iPhone 5

* Mat – these screen protectors reduces reflexes while it protects your phone from scratches. They make it comfortable to read on the screen.

Cons: “rainbow effect” and/or an appearance as comparable to pixelation.

* Privacy – these products limits the viewpoint on the device, so you can only see the active screens. These protectors also protects the screen from scratches.

Cons: This kind of screen protectors makes to the screen seems hazy.

There are also other kinds of screen protectors, such as those that have a mirror effect or screen protectors which have decorated edges and these combine properties from a traditional screen protector with colorful skins. If you want to fit on your mobile screen, so click here, choose your phone model, go to the category “protective film” and find the best solution for you.