How to Sew a Backpack

Today, the stores have absolutely everything you could ask for, especially in children’s wards.

But if you really want to please and surprise your child, the perfect gift for him backpack sys with your hands.

You need

  • -Fabric,
  • -Scissors,
  • -Lightning,
  • -Light wire,
  • -Sewing machine.



Prepare the sewing machine and scissors. Cut out unnecessary already cut jeans or denim square 50 x 50cm. These are the base material for the production of a backpack. Select zipper 35cm long, and thread count 10, preferably something light.


Cut out a half-oval base material size 35h 25cm, and the other-25 x 25cm, these dimensions include seam allowances.


Half oval, smaller, garneringvissa applications or embroidery, as it will be the outer side of a backpack. You can dress it in the first letter of the name of your child. Cut out her jeans, size-12 x 10cm and sew to the oval light thread. With the decoration of this backpack is certainly not to be unlike any other.


The larger half oval will be necessary. This is a great place where you can arrange an additional pocket for a handkerchief or a secret pocket for money. To do this, cut a rectangle of 12 x 10cm and stitched on the fabric indented 6cm from the upper edge.


To connect the two ovals, inserts two remsor 37cm in length and 3.5cm wide. Put them together, to tab around the edges “Flash”, with the help of a brilliant thread, which will stand out in the underlying tissue. You will find a bar with a zipper in the middle. This band on both sides (the ones that are the width of the product) sew pre-cut rectangles the size 7h14 see. It will be “page” backpack here.


Prepare the rem. This will require a cut or sew the finished pieces from another strip size 7h90cm. Fold it in half and prostrochite on a typewriter zigzag.


Now draw each prepared poluovalyen friend to the bottom (of the same size). Strip with “Flash” sewn on the outer part (decorated with semi-oval), and then to the inside (the smaller). Bands put the side seams with retracted 2cm from the bottom.


The last step-the strap is secured at the top and make a loop. To do this, stitch on the back center of the pre-folded exactly half indented 4cm from the band times.