How to Style Checkered Pants

Box has long gone out of fashion trends and tendencies. Today clothes in a cell – is a tribute to the best traditions of fashion immortal classic that was current at any time.

Checkered pattern does something brighter and more playful and revives even the most boring set of clothes. Women checked pants can be worn with kedami, tuflyami, loferami and shoes in style “grunge”. They have a little romance as cell brings a touch of mischievousness and playfulness.

Models of Plaid Trousers

Depending on the package and the type of aging graphics can create different images. Consider the most popular models of pants and clothes that will blend with them.

How to Style Checkered Pants

  • Business style. These include trousers in a small cage quiet colors (black, gray, blue, brown, dark green). Stylists show these prints as “black watch”, “gingham” and “goose paws”. Such plaid pants directly reduce better combine equally bright jackets and strict zhaketom. By zauzhennыmi pants better be combined with deferred shirt collar and wide sleeves.
  • Sporty way. Here are useful fashion checked trousers in a large flower box. Select them for sports shoes – loafers, sneakers or trainers, and on top of a t-shirt or light sweater. Top and shoes should not be too bright, because the main focus is on pants.
  • Casual style. Here refer pants all different styles and materials. Mix and match pants with new clothes form fitting Topham (T-shirts, turtlenecks, vests and jackets). Shoes can be anyone, starting with zhenstvennыh bosonozhek, unisex casual shoes.

Last tip: the release of checked trousers do not use other quads things as this will exhaustive. Choose a plain tank tops that emphasize bright modern figure pants.