How to Use a Mummy Sleeping Bag

Mummy style sleeping bags are formed to reduce the amount of “dead space” in the bag by being close to the natural body shape. Almost every mummy style bag has a set or laces close to the head and face.

These help to control heat retention and insulation to the crossbar to provide a breather for the nose and mouth. Benefits of laces and nose and mouth space are the retention of aforemetioned heat as well as reducing accumulated moisture from exhalations in the bag itself. Here are valuable tips for you to use mummy sleeping bag.


  • Slide the bag and move the cords to a position where you can easily grasp them by one hand inside the bag. Reach and pull the zipper all the way. Get the zipper up to avoid any gaps in the insulation.
  • Push the head into the loose head closure at the top of the mummy bag. Confirm that the shoulders deflectors around the neck and above the shoulders. Stretch the bow of the head as possible to place on the head. Press the chain tab to lock the center lock in position.
  • Pull the buffle shoulder chain to seal the space around the neck and shoulders. The result is the mummy bag wrapped around most of the head and face, but with a space for the nose and mouth to breathe out of the bag.
  • Put on a full-skirt to increase the facial over if steps 1-3 do not keep warm enough. Make sure the nose and a small portion of the mouth are exposed so that none of the moisture builds up next to the skin or in the sleeping bag.