How to Use Coconut Oil for Cooking

Coconut oil is among the list of foods that are good for your health.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Cooking

No wonder many are adopting as cooking oil, as the main oil to prepare food.

Coconut oil is not loved only by vegans, but for anyone looking for a healthy diet.

Our site showed the benefits of coconut oil. Coconut oil is a fat that’s metabolized quickly by the body.

For many, is considered a more stable oil in the kitchen, best performance by withstand high temperatures due to its constitution of saturated fats. Better, for example, that the soybean oil, or olive oil.

Not filtered coconut oil (virgin) can be heated up to around 176°C, since the version of refined coconut oil heated up to approximately 232°c. So for many who seek a healthy life is a good choice for cooking.

How to Cook with Coconut Oil?

Basically, coconut oil can be used normally as vegetable oil is used.

The advantage is to support temperatures somewhat larger than other types of oil, no rust. Has coconut taste, smoother. For this particularity, combines very well with Asian dishes, Indian, Caribbean countries. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in recipes. It is very tasty! Mixed with certain foods such as oats, wheat flour, cooked pancakes, among others, rarely offers taste of coconut.

It is great for stir-frying, do grilled meats and all kinds of food that have oil in the recipe, including the bakery. Use coconut oil liquid. You can make scrambled eggs! The recommended is not worry-it for a long period so as not to oxidize.

The butter may be substituted for coconut oil. Some people replace in proportion of 1:1. That is, the same amount of butter for coconut oil. But, some 25% less than recommended to use the butter quantity required on recipe.

There are those who like to use the extra virgin coconut oil in the same way that the oil-watering foods, especially salads and raw vegetables.

Remember to avoid fried foods is part of a healthy lifestyle. And, yet, you need to respect the recommended quantities of fat daily.

It is possible to notice that you can use coconut oil in favorite recipes!

And you? Has any special way to use coconut oil? Share your experience.