How to Use Dark Lipstick

Dark lipstick is barbaric for any season!

It is possible to think of many ways of styles with dark lipstick. Gothic look, chic, sexy, glamorous, classic … Choose the one that matches your personality. Red, wine, brown, black, purple, plum vamp … What’s your dark lipstick like?

The beauty industry explores the potential of these colors for a long time and from time to time creates amazing trends. An example of this is the lipstick Mac Cosmetics Diva which is among the top list of selling wine lipsticks. You do not need to have a tendency to use a flashy dark lipstick.

Are there any tricks to use dark lipstick? What makes it last longer? What is the best type of lipstick for parties? Special makeup tips?

The webpage brings you essential tips to use dark lipstick!

Hydrate to color!

Hydrate to be beautiful! To avoid that effect “Lipstick Crackle, cracked,” it’s important to moisturize your lips, especially in the periods that the weather is drier. The products used to moisturize are lanolin, Bepantol (baby powder) and Aquaporin moisturizer of Eucerin. People who don’t like chemicals can use coconut oil as a beauty product and even olive oil (just a little).

The primer can also be used as a resource of hydration. However, it may not solve the problem of dehydrated lips essentially, for not being a sufficient hydration. Dehydrated lips need constant moisture to recover.

Apply with precision

Lip liner pencil and brush which apply lipstick to mouth are essential for anyone who wants to use dark lipstick. The color of the lip contour pencil must be equal or close to the color of the lipstick. The right is to make the outline with the pencil eyeliner and fill the inside of the mouth with lipstick (applied with a brush). Apply lipstick on the straight lips depending on the lipstick. Otherwise the outline may look like blurred. Outline with pencil is what will make the outline right and perfect!

How to make the dark lipstick last longer?

There are various tricks and techniques to make the dark lipstick last longer. The best known is to make the outline with the pencil eyeliner and then color the inside of the outline with the pencil before applying the lipstick (with brush).

Another is after applying lipstick (with brush), remove excess with paper and then apply some translucent powder over the lips, lightly, with a brush. Then, reapply the lipstick.

The type of lipstick that lasts longer on the lips is the lipstick mate (= matte lipstick).

Do you like these tips?

Balance in the makeup

The focus of the makeup is when the lipstick is dark. It is interesting to make the color balance the face. So, be careful with the heavy makeup, especially with the color of the blush and shadow. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t use something heavier on the eye. But when in doubt, focus on the mouth and work with neutrality in other areas. This also does not mean the absence of color.

For blush, opt for a more subtle tone, which just makes the face subtly flush.

In the case of the shadow, a sure-fire choice is the shadow brown. It’s chic, and let the makeup more interesting. It is possible for all skin tones. The trick is to find your appropriate shadow brown tone. Other neutral colors are also indicated.

For parties, the traditional shadow part (a neutral tone + external corner black) combines with all shades of dark lipstick. It is the preferred option of many “parties”. Another tip is golden shadow or old gold when people use wine lipstick. Chic, huh? But, let’s say the dark lipstick looks great even with simple outlined eyes, isn’t it?

Watch the teeth with lipstick.

Removing excess is important to avoid transferring lipstick. At the end of the makeup on your lips, don’t forget to check your teeth. It’s always embarrassing to show dirty teeth with lipstick, isn’t it? And, if it happens, you know it, just wipe quickly and not “freak out” with it!

Trust in your power to use lipstick!

Many women are afraid to use dark lipstick. If you want, screw up the courage and use it. The trust for your beauty is not on your makeup or in your “look of the day”, but it’s in you. The make-up and the clothes can help reveal your best beauty.

The flashy visual with dark lipstick is always extraordinary! Beauty that women love!

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