How to Use LED Lights

The LED advantage

Compared with traditional lights, LED bulbs have many advantages and definitely the best choice because they are more powerful without the need for high voltages, they last longer, do not heat, are resistant to shock and water and-not least!-They are provided with an intense light whose degree of brightness can be controlled thanks to the dimmers.

The LEDs are suitable for use virtually anywhere, either to light, both to beautify environments because they are available in many colors and in various shapes (recessed, strips, rails, wall sconces, pendant lights, panels, tubes, … ).

Let’s see what kind of environment we can enhance thanks to LED lighting:


To illuminate the ceiling you can use LED pendant lights, LED recessed lights or strips. Although they are small, however they will produce a beautiful and bright light!


Place lights on the walls not only allows us to light up the room, but also adds a certain charm to the environment. The ideal is to use wall sconces, recessed LED Strips and because they do not need large spaces.


As for the walls, to illuminate a corridor the best type of LED are those built or stripes, why not take up much space.


We can also use the LED to illuminate the floor or floor boards, to enhance the shape of the room and make it more beautiful. In this case the LED strips will be perfect for the purpose!


We use the stairs, day or night, so you will need to illuminate them in a functional way, so do not act as an impediment to our security.


Sometimes it is necessary to concentrate the light on specific items such as paintings, ornaments or of a table … The best way to do this is to use pendants, single spot or on rails. We can adjust the spot to concentrate light on specific objects, creating plays of light and shadows really interesting!


Illuminate a building from the outside makes it more beautiful at night and easier to find. A good idea in this case would be to use LED strips, because they are easy to place.


It ‘important to light the path in front of the house to make it safe and easily explored. We can, for example, use of lanterns or recessed lights.


If your house has a garden, then it will be necessary to enlighten him, perhaps by hanging lanterns from trees and wrapping of LED strips around their trunks. The effect will be amazing!

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