How to Use the Trend of Nightwear on the Street

Thinking about the perfect look for a special occasion is not always an easy task, especially for those looking to combine luxury with comfort. But a trend that has won the runways and promises to win real fashion is the perfect translation of this combination: sleepwear .

Understand the tendency to wear nightwear on the streets

At first it may seem strange and unexpected to wear a piece that looks like pajamas or a nightgown at a party, but with the right accessories the  production looks stylish , running away from the obvious.

Proof that this trend has everything to take to the streets is the production set by the actress Alice Wegmann, in the launch party of the new global novel,”The law of love.” The young woman bet on a set of satin pajamas from the Italian brand Givenchy, which is worth no less than $ 12,000. Of the choice that inevitably created controversy, she said,”This is my pajamas neat. If it’s to be comfortable, then let’s go.”

The fashion of wearing sleepwear as a fashion item began in the 1990s, when the slip dresses were a real sensation. So much so that the piece is one of the looks that more marked the film”The patricinhas of Beverly Hills”, starring Alicia Silverstone and that turned into a true classic. Already in the 2000s, who made this trend come back with everything was the singer Rihanna , who is constantly seen on the streets with  sweater and pajama-style pieces .

How to Wear Sleepwear

The big challenge in betting on this trend of clothes that look like pajamas is precisely to make them look  more glamourous , without appearing to have come straight from bed to the party. For this, the best option is to complement the production with heavy accessories. Bid on the mix of bracelets and rings, maxicolares and even more elaborate clutches. Another key tip is to wear this type of look with high heels, to  ensure a sophisticated look.

And for those who want to invest in the slip dress, which we have already highlighted as one of the strong trends this season , the good news is that the more stripped down the better! It is worth combining the piece with  white t-shirt , denim jacket or leather, tennis or coturno. Whether the proposal is to wear the jersey for an event at night, you can still cast off with a thin draw heel, sequin cardigan and an elaborate choker . There are a thousand possibilities; The secret is not to be afraid to dare!

What do you think of this proposal to wear nightwear on the streets? No doubt, it takes a lot of personality and style to adhere to this trend, but it all promises that it will soon become increasingly common to look at pajamas as a fashion possibility!
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