How to Use Yoga Blocks for Beginners

In addition to the yoga mat well known, there are other tools that you can use during yoga. For example, there are straps, pillows, towels or even blocks. What types of blocks are available and what they are good at all I would like to bring closer to you today.

Which Blocks Are There?

Yoga blocks may consist of different materials. Choose from foam, bamboo and cork. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. The cork-block is somewhat more stable than the plastic, wherein the plastic block is easier for it. The bamboo yoga block is something for nature lovers. It consists of naturally growing bamboo and is handmade. He is also directly imported from India and extremely robust.
The classic yoga block has the dimensions 23x12x7,5 cm, as well as all blocks. The colorful foam blocks are a flyweight of 170g, and the cork block of weighs 700g.

What do I Use The Blocks?

You now know the various blocks and their properties and decide that you want for your favorites. But what makes for now it? What are these blocks really well?

Firstly Yoga blocks are a resource for yoga beginners. They will help you, if you’re not as mobile and flexible. Even with some seating positions as the heel or the cross-legged, the block is used as an aid. Most often, however, he comes in asanas like the triangle (Trikonasana) or the rotated Seitwinkel used. Here you can rotate to the desired height and settle the hand there to block. So you come easily in the stretch that is to be achieved. The use of blocks makes sense when a position is held longer. If the yoga style is more fluent, the block is often used less frequently.

The Yoga Block is also ideal to remove blockages. If you pain in the lower or upper back have some exercises, you can consult supportive the block at exactly this point. It may have something until you found last the perfect position for your block, but it’s a relief for you.

Yoga “Setu Bandhagana” With The Block

Lie down on your back and put on your feet before your butt. With an exhalation lift your buttocks and put the block just below the sacrum. Whether you edge the block or cross-taking, all your flexibility is left.Make sure that your knees are over your heels. Feet and knees are hip-width apart. Arms are beside the body and elbows rotate slightly inward to relax from the shoulders even more. Like it you can stay longer in this position for 5 minutes.

Breathing: Breathe calmly and evenly. By supporting backbend you can exploit your whole lung volume and thus send the breath mentally in every cell of your body.

Tips for Practice At Home:

Crucial to this yoga exercise is to find the right place for the block and not to overdo it is. If you already have problems with the lower back and tendierst a hollow back, so take across the block. If you are mobile and the back is healthy, you can also slide vertically under the sacrum block. Relax the shoulders and your facial skin. Close your eyes and allow you to switch off completely.

I hope I could you do something curious about the exercises with a yoga block. If I have piqued your interest, then please have a look at our online shop at Perhaps somebody who will you like and it helps you in the future in your yoga exercises.