How to Wash Waterproof Ski Jacket


How washing his ski suit or jacket without her winter sport to lose its impermeability. Because the time passing and after washing in SOAP and water proofing of snow clothing, shaped in these new technical fabrics, him more often of polyurethane, will necessarily decrease, or even…

How washing his ski suit or his winter jacket without him wasting his impermeability. Because the time passing and after repeated washes in SOAP and water the mpermeabilisation of snow, clothes i shaped in these new technical fabrics him more often of polyurethane, necessarily will decrease or even disappear, for protect more you the snow, rain and cold.

Learn how to wash and to test the water resistance of your down jacket, anorak, parka, combination or ski pants, padded or not according to Insurancejust; and if the test is not conclusive, find out how waterproofing new easy jacket ski or any garment of snowboarding for the snow.

How to clean a ski clothing

Dry cleaning

The nettoyage of a jacket or other vski clothing is not recommended.

Used solvents can remove radically the waterproofing treatment of the fabric.

Machine wash

Wash your ski suit or your anorak in machine with laundry liquid wool program and the lower spin, without ever overloading the drum of the washing machine.

Avoid washing powder containing whitening agents and the softeners unnecessary and harmful materials.

Remember to close the zips and stick the Velcro strips.

Hand wash

Wash ski clothes in the bathtub with warm water, with your shampoo or a liquid detergent rubbing with a brush soaked the dirty parts chosen smoothly, laundry and stains. Rinse in the shower with warm water, never hot.

Drain your hands without twisting.

Dry anorak or combination

Blot the ski clothing between 2 towels, then let dry in the open air to flat for a few hours, shaking from time to time to give the swelling down inside.

Then hang jacket or combination to a hanger. Drying of anoraks may take 48 hours!

Test the waterproofing of ski clothing

Waterproofing of origin is not forever! After some time, after one or two washings by machine or by hand, there is a good chance that your clothing is no longer waterproof.

Check thewaterproofing of your jacket or your ski jacket.

The water drop test

Pour a drop of water on the jacket or the ski suit.

The drop Pearl and rolls to the tissue surface? Perfect! The garment has still all of its impermeability.

The drop of water crashes and is more or less absorbed? It’s absolutelybostick clothing.

Waterproof jacket and ski pants

What of Waterproofers choose?

Opt for a mpermeabilisant i which does not film on the fabric file but let it breathe.

The same imperceptible fabric weaving leaves of the void between the wires. A ski clothing must isolate you from the cold, outside moisture but also allow to evacuate your perspiration.

Toutpratique recommends Texguard treatment which does not let water penetrate, or greasy stains which slows the fouling of the fabric.

But beware the Texguard should be applied on a clean garment.

And FYI, the application will be effective only after 2-3 days.

The anti-stain and waterproofing Texguard is on sale at the Shop Toutpratique.