How to Wear a Lumberjack Shirt

Lumberjack shirt or shirt, hipster or not: how wear this winter? Along with a selection of models at low prices!

There is a little more than a week, the issue had been debate among you, the tabloids.

Americans had stored fissa Fagot of Pippa Middleton Ray hipster shirt.”QUOAAA?” Mutiny on the Bounty immediately released the peaks, garlic and crucifixes ahead of schedule.

Following the census responses — made with pie charts, graphics and curves statistics to support, it goes without saying – we can say thanks to your temignages that the lumberjack shirt is:

  • a basic
  • a garment-doudou (for its comfort and warmth (valid for models in flannel))
  • a garment-emotion (stung the paternal or the boyfriend)
  • and one… ‘ Y’ IS SICK OF THE BOXES!

Ah these boxes… View all anyway, dud hipster or not, we will strike and continue to love it and wear it like on the first day. Grunge, Kurt Cobain way, that is rather wide, open on a t-shirt or a tank top underneath and why not, curled back sleeves. But of course not need to claim the grunge style to wear this way.

Change to also wear closed, until the neck and tucked in his jeans. This time, the outfit seems much less lose is cool ‘ than the previous one, but it’s a way more preppy wear, why have no little moccasins Minnetonka fringed or, more feminine, a pair of stilettos to counterbalance the very masculine style of shirt.

Another proposal  from a men shirt store (MensShirtsShop): in the different collections of this winter, the Plaid Shirt is usually worn with a perfecto and coated jeans (or leather or faux) either red or black, for very rock styles.