How to Wear a Perfecto Jacket

The perfecto jacket cult is not always easy to match. Today, Perrine gives you some tips to adopt the jacket the morebadass of all time.

Originally, the perfecto was the quintessential of American bikers jacket. The first dates back to 1928: it is that of the Schott brothers (not the basketball players), motorcycle enthusiasts who take this name from the preferred cigar of Irving Schott.

Thanks to the cinema and especially Thedresswizard, perfecto of a small effect and became the jacket of bad boys who ride Harley Davidson band.

In 86, perfecto has not aged a bit: creators reworked it in all its glory until it lands on store shelves. Since then, the jacket never left the collections and became a classic of mode which is no longer reserved to bikers.

The leather jacket black, which is the star of this winter 2013-2014, will come back strong this summer! (see article trends spring-summer 2014) Guide to find out how wearing the perfecto on a daily basis without having to look like a biker from the Hells Angels or passionate about Johnny, follow it!

Wearing the perfecto has rock sauce’roll

Who said said perfecto motorcycle but also rock’roll: through cinema, fashion or even music, the perfecto became the emblem of rock and punk movements. To adopt the look of rock  on a daily basis, you can count on the association perfecto + jean that works very well: slim, faded, holes, boyfriend… There is something for all styles.

For the top, no headaches: a mesh sweater, a Plaid Shirt, a sweatshirt, a t-shirt printed, or even a simple tank top will do the trick! Perfecto is rock ‘ roll to make his magic alone, especially if it is a bit wide or studded.

Accessories like boots, jewelry chains, moccasins or dark makeup will complete the look: the idea is to not load either.

(1) Perfecto biker style H & M (€39.95), 2 loops boots the Modeuse (€22,39), 3)perfecto padded shoulders Zara (€79.95), 4) chains necklace Forever 21 (€9.73), 5)satchel cream River Island (€28.09), 6) TASSELED LOAFERS, Topshop (€46.00), 7)washed out and a hole in John Mango (€24.99), 8) pull with built-in shirt New Look (€24.99), 9) dark lipstick Make Up For Ever (€20,50) (10) slim fit grey H & M (€24.95)

Wear with casual perfecto

For those who wish to reduce a bit the rock look, think your perfecto as a blazer: with a feminine top, a skirt, a simple pair of jeans… it goes with (almost) everything!

For a look a little less badass, you can count on the perfecto rights or bent that mold a bit more or the perfecto to slightly more feminine materials like Suede, denim or textured leather (padded, printed, varnished…).

(1) top sleeveless Zara (€16.99), 2) perfecto leather Mango (€119.99), 3) hexagonal gold bracelet Asos (€11,24), 4) skinny jeans H & M (€29.95), 5) platform shoes Naf Naf (€41.99), 6) perfecto with zips River Island (€60.00), 7) necklace Keytar Kors Deluxe (€30,00), 8) Gray Sweatshirt fleece New Look (€14.99), 9) jupette red cordPull & Bear (€7.99) Printed blazer Nike x Pendelton (€140)

Wear the perfecto with a dress

The contrast between the women’s dress and men’s jacket works very well: with heels or boots, the perfecto agrees as well with dresses all day than a little more sophisticated evening dresses.

With a claudine collar dress, frilly or Lacy, it’s the best way to break an image a little too childish or neat.

Cardboard of this season it is the association of the perfecto to dresses with collar claudine at Saint Laurent. (See article four looks inspired by the fashion shows at affordable prices ).

(1) Perfecto bent Noisy May (€49.00), 2 skater with neck dress New Look (€29.99), 3) boots leather Promod (€30,00), 4) fluid print dress Zara (€39.95), 5) perfecto leatherette Pull & Bear (€49.99), 6) evening dress with lace New Look (€59.99), 7)flanges babies Di Fontana (€45.00), 8) Blue lace dress Vero Moda (€29.95)

MadmoiZelle, some members of the staff are completely absentmindedly their Perfecto. And you, how do you wear yours?