How to Wear an All-Over look with Gazzy Jeans

For those who are fashionable, you know that Gazzy’s jeans are never without evidence.   Formerly this icon was present in trousers. Today it is possible to see in shorts, skirts or blouses.

For those who want to invest in this combination and are afraid of making a mistake, we will help you. At the Rosela Clothing Store Scholarships in Santos have these options. See below how to combine a look with these items.

Combination with Gazzy jeans

Jeans clothing is essential in any woman’s wardrobe, so the item is practical and simple to use. Although jeans have reference to casual looks it can also guarantee elegance and originality.

For the day to day, invest in pants + t-shirt. For the look not to be monotonous, capriche in the accessories and do not forget a beautiful shoe. The fashion jeans Gazzy 2017 is the protagonist of our looks. For example, this plain wash pant and basic blouse is perfect for day-to-day walking.

In any case, the women’s fashion 2017 includes much the item with heel or other overlaps. To learn how to wear high heels, invest in scarpin and peep toes. With the skinny pants, for example, fold it and let the shoes show.

For the romantic see this combination of jeans pieces from Gazzy + regata smooth. To complete, the touch is due to the accessories(bag and necklace) and the shoe.

For the evening, for finer occasions, the blazer with jeans is a democratic choice. The piece serves for various occasions and times. For a sophisticated look, wear pants with dark, smooth washings. At the top, invest in silk blouses. For the formal look, bet on colored accessories and basic blouses.

Women who like to dare, the cropped blouse is pure style. Not to be overdone, use with Gazzy’s high waist jeans. Already the tops, is an alternative to flare pants and sneakers.

In Gazzy clothing stores it is possible to find trousers with large and small rips. This combination with a loose blouse can create a trendy look.

Anyway, when it comes to assembling clothes, you have to be aware of the occasion. When it comes time to merge trends, note if your production is not loaded.

Accessories to complete production jeans

Finally, the accessories serve as a complement. They can break the texture of production. At the time of choosing there is no rule to follow, the idea is to follow your style.

Miga, you beautiful one! Did you like our Today tips? So comment here on our blog, leave your opinion and if you want to ask some special tip for our fashion specialist on duty, feel free!

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