How to Wear Sweatshirt

The sweat out of his retirement and his hibernation mode (I’m talking about your Pajamas) to colonize our day dressing. Sweatons (squeaker) him good luck!

The Sweatshirt in the collective mind

In the spirit of group, the sweat is a hybrid being. MI-pasteque, jokingly, it is found as well on American campuses in the locker room filled with sweaty gonads of efforts.

Often used to express his membership, the Sweatshirt warns his interlocutor on the nature of the carrier: I < 3 a city (tourist), University (student), team (sports), kitsch decal (über-fashionista). In other words, the sweat is a real vector of castes.

The Sweatshirt breaks the codes

Reduced by these social spaces, the new sweat becomes uniform to blend in the mass, the mass of recognized and influential fashion. In-between weather garment-not too hot, not too cold – he’ll be practical in this troubled season.

The sweatshirts which are tripped via Internetsailors and more sober (exit zippers, hoods), whether it is long or short, the sweat intends to revolutionize the feminine glamour.

      How should the sweat Word me?

Short or long, the sweat is more feminine in an instant with a skirt. If it is long, let him above your skirt and belt it at the waist to structure your silhouette. To give a little more chic touch (model 1), the skirt can be 3/4 (which goes very well with rounds also), folds and patou pumps (eventually, you can slide the socks to enhance a preppy look).

An outfit more casual? Put on the cargo pants (rolled and rolled down) with a pair of Brogues or Bensimon. Superimposed on a tank top and sweat in the same tones, casually slipped on the shoulder. If you want to be a bit more prepared, but always in pants, replace the tank top in cotton by a shirt (white or jean).

The smallest turn instead to a short sweater. Downstairs it can book the joy of high waist shorts (see model 3) or a short skirt flared and short (max length: above the knee).

1 / sweat Miss Selfridge £ 10-Pocket Fiorelli £ 31-Jane Norman £ 32 skirt-shoes Zara €39.95 / / 2 / sweat H & M-belt Asos £ 12-skirt international £ 9.99-offset Mellow Yellow via Sarenza €149 / / 3 / sweat Republic £ 29.99-Pull & Bear €12.99 scarf – shorts international £ 16.99-shoes the time of cherries via Sarenza €30

The rebirth of the Sweatshirt she convinced you? Or always impossible to see a hint of trenditude ?