How to Wear the Bow Tie

There are still three or four years, I loved wearing bow ties. This is certainly a little past, but that does not stop me to find people who are really stylish.

Especially today, there is a huge choice on the market. Many brands have launched themselves into the adventure of the bow but I will come back, we’ll see at the end of the article.

I know that for some it is a difficult accessory to wear, which can quickly do too much or waiter.

At the time I was wearing, I remember that people were looking at me strangely. In their minds they had to do some thinking like ” but he cracked him with his bow tie.” Regardless, I continued to integrate into my looks and appreciate that!

Rest assured, I am here to prove to you that you can wear the “bow tie” without overdoing it, having fun.

Bowtie, AZ

Historical digression: the birth of the bow tie

We are in the early nineteenth century. Fashion is in white tie and in fine linen. The first appearance of the bow tie1 come primarily from the cravat.

Adherents their tie wrapped several times around his neck and knotted the front, without the skirts falling back on the shirt.

It was in France that node would be transformed into a butterfly. He was named in honor of Puccini, following the success of “Madame Butterfly” in 1904.

What follows is the golden age of the bow tie. Winston Churchill to James Bond, or in the street fashion, he is doing by all, especially in recent years when it arouses new interest.

One rule to remember

There are different types. None is more appropriate for a particular occasion: here everything is really a matter of taste.

The only thing you should pay attention, which is a rule in itself is the width of the node. If you do not want to be ridiculous, make sure it does not exceed the width of the face.

You are more sturdy, more you can take a bow tie with generous dimensions.

The different types of fasteners

There are mainly three:

  • The nodes mounted and sewn: they can not discard and are convenient to use but less aesthetic. Found mainly this type of node entry.
  • The nodes staples: two fasteners allow the clipper. They are often pre-knotted but can undo if necessary.
  • The knots to tie oneself: they can be adjustable or fixed size neck (like shirts). They are found rather widespread in the premium sector, they give off a certain authenticity.

With what wear the shirt collar?

Yes, a bow tie  can not wear with any shirt collar!

The French Pass is the type of collar that you need, I think, mostly have in your personal collection. This is the reference collar to wear your bow safely. It is suitable for all sizes: slim, regular and wide.

The narrow neck is less common in menswear. Most of the time it is worn with a slim bow tie.

Club Pass (which more or less corresponds to the “Peter Pan” collar women), allows to bring an original touch to your outfit. I recommend you wear a slim node or normal size, not to hide who rounded the whole point of this pass.

The stylistic effect is top, I guarantee it!

The wing collar is used for shirts worn with a tuxedo. If you want to emphasize the elegance of your outfit and put you on your 31 (for the holidays, for example), choose a bow tie small or normal size.

Feel free to choose a bow tie ‘patterned to provide a quirky and original side!

Once the shirt selected according to the bow, you will potentially yours to tie. Let’s see it together!

How to tie a bow tie?

For this part, an effective picture is worth all the world’s explanations.

And if you prefer, you can also learn to tie bow tie through video:

Hint: for practice, do not hesitate to carry you on your thigh. It’s easier to understand, at least at first.

How to wear the bow tie?

Since we’re talking about an accessory, the goal here is not to take the lead but indeed to have fun.

How to wear the stylish way without overdoing it?

Is the suit mandatory?

The only rule is to always wear it with a shirt2. Of course, remaining vigilant on the size of the collar relative to the bow: neither too small nor too large.

Although it is traditionally worn with a suit, you can easily divert him! I suggest for example to wear with jeans and a pair of sneakers, this is offset but it works well. Of course, you can also choose shoes for a slightly dandy look.

The bow also carries with a V-neck sweater, a cardigan, a blazer… In short, it is much easier to wear than you think: you can fully integrate occasionally your outfits, while respecting the style that you own.

For example, this is a great accessory to enhance a look made good basics to make it an original touch without becoming ostentatious.

However, there are a few things to avoid so as not to overdo it.

How to avoid a look too much ?

First, I think we should avoid wearing the suit with a vest fashion butler, to venture can be dangerous. Similarly, some looks combining bow tie + straps are sometimes successful, but it seems pretty rare. The combination of the two makes it a little too in my opinion.

In terms of color and patterns, however, I see no limit! Rather, it is an opportunity to express his personality makes the interesting part.

The only advice I could give you if you opt for a yellow peas node: choose a sober shirt  (white poplin or chambray example).

For the more skeptical among you, opt for something discreet like tone on tone, or the classic black bow tie at first. Once accustomed to this accessory, feel free to play with colors and patterns for a more personal side.

Some examples of stylish associations…

Selection of bow ties

There are at prices from 10 euros up to a hundred. You’ll understand that the price fluctuates depending on the chosen material, the quality of manufacturing and the possibility of customization (customized).

Note also that thrift stores that abound on the Hexagon are also a great way to find bow ties. I have already unearthed for just a few euros.

We go now to the selection of brands to find her beautiful bow.

Bruce Field

The brand offers a wide variety of nodes, the design is correct and the affordable price they are offered at a special price of 20 euros.

The Flageolet

The Fageolet  is a young brand that produces handcrafted bow ties. There’s something for every taste and color, in a variety of materials (toile3, Velvet, denim…).

Count on average 50 euros for these accessories to tie oneself.

Colonel Mustard

This brand offers a variety of models, with truly original and stylish designs at once ! The design is good for a price again very affordable. Count thirty euros.


A very good brand for everything ties and bow ties. You will find classic models and other more colorful for 49 euros!

Laurent Desgrange

I also wanted to introduce a specialized Parisian creator bowtie: Laurent Desgrange. I appreciate it for its originality, a little side “crazy” and the mastery of a French expertise (workshop in Paris).

I think this is a bit of a troublemaker bowtie.


Let’s look at the drilling side. The existing American brand since 2000 operates antique materials. This is why a certain character emerges from their lot butterfly knots.

Wear with a plain shirt preferably, to avoid overload reasons. Between 30 and 55 euros.


Last stage of our selection, the brand Cinnabar. The finishes are hand-made in France and all nodes are doubled.

Furthermore, your name can be printed on the product with a label marked by hand. The price of 85 euros is certainly expensive, but there really is a big big work behind.

The final word

Beyond prejudice, bow tie is a much simpler accessory to control than one might think.

Available in a multitude of colors, patterns and materials, there is something for everyone. The offer is broadly diversified in recent years and, in general, a brand recognized for the quality of its ties will be generally also for his bow ties. This is the case of Howard’s, for example.

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to try it. Feel free to give us your feedback through comment or picture!