How to Wear This Accessory in Looks Full of Style

Ask your questions about how to include the maxi necklace in the look and get inspired with several combination suggestions

Accessories are powerful items that give the tone of any look, either adding a touch of brightness or color, or even being the highlight of the production.

“When it comes to choosing the accessory, the cool thing is to analyze the woman’s style, the biotype, the message of the image that the woman wants to pass, that is possible through the lines and shapes of the accessory, visual weight, materials, textures and colors “, Explains psychologist and style consultant Danyla Borobia according to EZINESPORTS.

In the case of necklaces, although the chokers are very successful, a model that is always present in fashion, helping to compose more elaborate looks, is the maxi necklace.

If you love this accessory and want more tips on how to use it, or if you still feel insecure about betting on a larger necklace and need a little push, check out following several tips on using the maxi necklace and get inspired!

Maxi collar with t-shirts and blouses

This is an uncomplicated and versatile combination. “Thinking of a more basic look, such as the combo jeans and t-shirt , the accessory can elevate the look to a more elegant or fashionista. On the shirt with a band motif, the maxi necklace can come on the scene and make the look even cooler. ”

If the blouse has a V-neck or shoulder-to-shoulder , Danyla says to opt for long necklaces to leave the silhouette elongated.

Maxi collar with shirt

The shirt + collar combination may look strange, but works great to innovate a more serious look or compose an interesting and fashionista look.

“The shirt from the office can earn a new look with the composition of maxi paste, and still go on weekends. If the shirt has a neutral color, the maxi collar can enter the scene bringing color and leave the look more cool, the same goes for the jeans shirt, which can be more elegant or cool, depending on the style of the accessory. fashion.

Maxi necklace with dress

Danyla explains that “since the dress is a one-of-a-kind piece, it is often necessary to use some tricks to change the style, lengthen the silhouette, create points of light, color or contrast … and the maxi necklace may well give that hand.”

The hint is in the harmony between neckline and collar, depending on the desired effect. Women with large breasts can bet on a deeper neckline combined with a shorter maxi collar, to draw attention to the neck region rather than the bust. Small-breasted women can invest in maxi necklaces that value and bring attention to their lap. In addition, when the collar accompanies the neckline, the effect is a more elongated silhouette.

Maxi paste on work looks

At work, you can combine wearing the maxi necklace to make the traditional look (blazer, tailoring, shirt, etc.) more interesting. “A good bet is to make the collar on the social shirt, open only on the collar, so that the look will be harmonious and sophisticated,” says the consultant. Another idea is to use the maxi necklace as a key point of the look, creating the desired effect according to the colors, size and material of the accessory.

Maxi necklace in party looks

In party looks, it is necessary to be attentive, mainly, to the finish of the maxi necklace. “A great choice are accessories with gemstones, glitter, metals, everything well finished and good quality, because this accessory can bring all the glam required at parties and still give the touch of personality to the look,” guides Danyla.

Maxi Featured Necklace

According to the consultant Danyla, the monochrome look can gain its tone from the choice of accessories. “The coolest and most monochromatic look is that it is possible to use and abuse more elaborate and daring compositions, the only tip is that the woman needs to feel good and comfortable with this mixture, otherwise it is best to look for accessories that have A conversation. “, He explains.

Powerful necklaces to buy online

As it has already been noted and confirmed by the consultant Danyla, “this type of accessory can leave any basic look more elaborate and current, and give the tone of the style, depending on the composition and material of the maxi paste.”

Check out the options of maxi necklaces that you can buy online:


  1. Maxi necklace Boheme , at Amo A lot
  2. Maxi necklace with pendant , at Renner
  3. Maxi necklace with chains , on Bijoulux
  4. Maxi fringed collar in Bijoulux
  5. Suede and metal necklace , in Amaro
  6. Maxi pearl necklace , at Renner
  7. Maxi Ethnic necklace in Bijoulux
  8. Necklace of strings , at Renner

Did you see? The styles and choices are many! Just search and find a necklace with your face!

Tips to help you choose your maxi necklace

Here are some things you can take into account to make it easier to choose a maxi necklace for you.

Your style: never forget to consider what you like and think it suits you. “You have to take care of buying pieces that have a conversation with taste, lifestyle and the rest of the wardrobe,” says Danyla.

The message you want to pass: according to the consultant, everything depends on the intent of the look. “If the idea is to transmit message of force, the most angular accessories are the most indicated;Already the accessories with gemstones, more bright, will transmit the message of sophistication;Those with pearls or pastel colors, will convey the message of romanticism and conservatism. ”

Finishing and material: “The quality of the piece is not directly related to the value paid for it, it is possible to find pieces with good materials and great finishes with affordable prices, so it is worth researching a lot before buying, as this type of care will do All the difference in the final result of the look. “, Teaches Danyla.

Finally, the fashion expert recalls that it is perfectly possible to combine different types of accessories with the maxi necklace, prized for personality and creativity. “A good bet is to mix a choker with maxi paste, which may or may not have a conversation (color, material, textures, details, style, shapes, etc.), everything varies according to the taste and style of each woman.”

More looks with maxi necklace to inspire you

Check out other inspirations and ideas for wearing maxi necklace in looks for different occasions to help you create incredible combinations with this accessory:

Now just use all your creativity and style to use and abuse the maxi paste in your productions! (I.e.

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