How to Wear Women’s Belts Thin and Wide

Did you know that the belts are accessories with more than three millennia? For a long time were male accessories used in the military. Today, the belts constitute one of the most popular women’s accessories. You know how to use female belts? You know how to choose? You know good stores to buy them? Check out this article, various tips and models of women’s belts.

The belt is a powerful accessory, you can set the trim of an outfit and give that final special touch to your look, whether formal, is casual. We have divided this article into three parts: first, see tips on how to use female belts; then check out tips on how to choose the best female belt for your body; Finally, check out some shops to buy women’s belts on

How to Wear Women’s Belts

  • Match the color and style of your belt with the other accessories used;
  • Mattes belts harmonize with matte polished shoes and belts combine with polished shoes;
  • Belts located above the belt line give a slimming effect;
  • A hint of color psychodynamics is to contrast the belt tone with the tone of clothes;
  • Tall women should opt for wider belts;
  • Thin women can wear thin belts, while more plump women should opt for wide belts;
  • For winter, the color of the belt combined with the scarf color reaches a fantastic result;
  • Vintage belts, with older features combine well with more rustic gems, since you harmonize the retro spirit in the rest of the look;
  • Want to lose weight? Some fair dress with a snuggly belt that has no error;
  • Military belts are up and combine very well with jeans. Another belt that goes well with jeans are the animal print (zebra, leopard, etc.);
  • Very loud prints, you can choose more discrete models. They get better;
  • When in doubt between wide or thin, choose the fine. With a soltinha clothes, do not miss it!

Tips for Choosing a Belt Model

Choose a belt with a few centimeters to more than the size of your waist. Thinner belts are designed to more formal belts as wide belts are belts intended for casual looks. As leather belts are meant for more formal looks as cloth belts and other tissues are intended for more casual looks.

There are belts $ 200. If you invest in one of these, no doubt will want to preserve it to the maximum. Avoid exposing the webbing belt to sunlight, as this may damage the leather. Also, avoid leaving the belt on his pants or curve for long periods of time. To avoid any damage to the seams and leather store their belts in a rack of feel – it’s worth the investment.