How to Wear Your Summer Clothes in the Fall

Because you don’t have to give up those long dresses.

Let EVso go can be difficult. Despite the animation with the hot chocolates and the jackets, is still hard to say goodbye to those hot sunny days. and the looks that come with them. There’s something special about wearing a flowered dress, combine with a popsicle and be inside of street style. But, just because the wind is getting stronger out there doesn’t mean you have to forget the colorful pieces and fresh.

You can still keep the summer climate while asking for a latte macchiato at Starbucks. How? Doing great rollovers. Here are 13 ways to take advantage of summer clothes for the fall looks.

1. Throw a blazer over

A sundress can easily be your best friend until November if you overlaps with a blazer. Choose a darker color like black, navy or grey to break the color of the dress and it can be more suitable for the season.

2. Sticking my foot in the boot

Another way to adapt a sundress for the autumn is wearing boots to create a cool contrast. Models up to above the knee look great with shorts and they are great alternatives to the leggings. For a bolder silhouette, combine leather boots with a dress up to their ankles.

3. Create layers with tunics

Tunics have taken up large space in fashion now in summer and luckily for us they are a great piece for overlays which shows autumn’s style to some degree. Tie tunic around the waist, wearing a knit jacket and leave the outside, which makes the look with strong and cheeky air.

4. Summer overalls under the shirt

The jumpsuit that left us fresh at barbecues and outdoor parties in the summer. It is the same and it will protect us from the cold in this new season. Just put on a collar and long sleeves blouse underneath. A beanie is a great option for a more relaxing and warm look.

5. Use and abuse of the blouses with collar

Speaking of collar blouses, they will be beautiful under strapless dresses. These dresses are not must-haves of the warmer months  except when you have the option to combine them with collar and long-sleeved blouses.

6. Short + Sweater

Do you have a favorite short that can not be worn from December to March? Use it a little bit more, combining it with knit jackets. And if it gets too cold to hang out with your legs out, don’t worry, just put a sock under.

7. Combine prints with winter colors

Maybe it’s not a summer piece you wanted to enjoy in the fall, but a pattern. Combine the items of more cheerful patterns with any black coat, grey or another dark color. For example, the mixture of prints works because the green knitting blends with the Green pants.

8. Stay warm in a dress playing a sweater over

Do you have a dress that can turn an amazing skirt? A very easy way to do this is to wear a coat over it. So the dress becomes a skirt. You will be comfortable and still use those super cheerful summer prints.

9. Overalls + long sleeve

Overalls can very well be used in the fall. All you need is to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath. Swap the sandals or boots and you’re good to go.

10. Combine summer colors with knit coat in winter classic style

Just because we’re closer to the winter than the summer, so does it  mean that you need to give up the vibrant colors? Instead, how about combining these colors with classics to make the look full of fall feeling? For example, combine a colorful skirt with a comfortable knit coat or a Turtleneck Sweater. The top part is responsible for the transition from summer look to a colder season.

11. Combine light pants with heavier overlays

The same can be said about the “summer” pants. They don’t have to go to the bottom of the closet at anytime. Try combining them with coats and heavy scarves. So, you will feel that everything is appropriate. And, if you’re thinking you’re going to feel cold in your legs like that, it’s very simple to solve. Just put on some pantyhose.

12. Stay warm even short-sleeved gloves

Those more tidy blouses can go well in the mood of the season if combined with long sleeves, up to the elbow. So the look gets a sense of Old Hollywood.

13. Wear leather jackets over long dresses

If you want more options in addition to the sweater and cardigans to superimpose your long dresses, try a leather jacket. The same options can be suede jackets or blazers, velvet. The trick here is to focus on the material’s texture color. Not to mention that the combination of parts, like the dress, and classical items such as leather make the transition in the blink of an eye.