HP Elite X 3 Uses 10 Windows Instead of Android “For Safety”

If there is something that can brag about Android is having an enormous amount of manufacturers that, in fact, It will continue to grow in 2017 with the addition of Nokia. Such is the range of possibilities for the user to choose model, which over time has become the mobile operating system most used around the world.

But this year, even if remotely, He could have had another manufacturer, HP, which has offered the Elite X 3, a phablet with all of the law of high-end American manufacturer announced in his time as a 3 in 1 power being so much a smartphone as a tablet and a laptop (with its Lapdock) and a full PC.

As a reminder, this phablet has a QHD 5,96 inch screen, Snapdragon 820, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB of expandable storage, 4,150 mAh battery, fingerprint sensor and scanner of iris, water resistance and lots of love to you get to get their hands on this terminal. In terms of operating system, as you adivinarás, it is Windows Mobile 10.

The main reason why the Elite 3 X uses Android are not security breaches, but there is more

For many years, many people criticized Android to be unsafe, It is very easy from virus and other arguments that, basically, trying to frighten to whoever wants to do with an Android smartphone. Many times, these criticisms are of people that you’ve seen that same comment elsewhere, or his uncle has told him of the people.

The nature of Android, along with its enormous popularity, It has become many targeting to this operating system, more that any other mobile operating system (there is already or not), but that does not mean that it is a strainer of malware, because, in fact, in most of the cases it has not had an effect as devastating as the attackers sought.

HP, fearing for the unresolved security gaps that may exist in the present and in the future, decidio discard Android as an operating system and go for Windows 10, a system considerably more closed and, since that is not the most popular, which is not going to be a so juicy target for those with bad intentions.

But much less is the only reason why betting on the OS from Redmond, although it is perhaps the most important. It was in the mind of HP make a smartphone for business people-oriented rather than a user, say, normal. They were basically looking for build the first 3 in 1 smartphone.

But to achieve this possible required accessories, such as the lapdock (a notebook processor, RAM, etc, only display, keyboard and battery) or a desktop that would make it possible to base connect it to an external monitor to use as a PC. And HP, apparently, not conceived this unused Windows 10 next Continuum.

Warning for the hypothetical interested in doing with this pack, is not exactly barator having said this, there may be hidden reasons why HP has not wanted to adopt Android as an operating system, perhaps those are the unique and real, but It had been well count among the ranks androids with a terminal capable of offering these options.

He has sentenced HP to its Elite X 3 using 10 Windows?

Surely more than one say without thinking that if thinking about what happened these years with Nokia, but the fact is that the case of the Finnish manufacturer is very different, so let’s make this a little lado.* * when a manufacturer makes the decision to use one or another operating system, risk *, is the system that is.

In this case HP, adopting Windows Mobile 10, risks not having enough impact so compensate you have set on the Elite sale 3 X. In this case in particular, responding to the question, I think that he has not not, sentenced to the terminal, because of birth it is not for everyone, but it is focused on a very specific niche.

Many will say that Windows Phone is practically dead and has very few applications. In this last, compared to Google Play, it is true, but that is dead is an error that is repeated enough. Dying, dead, still no, and it is that despite having only 0.6% of market share in Spain, Windows is still there.

Given that random has sought to have the Elite 3 X in my hands, I decided to take on the challenge of using it as a mobile every day for a month, and the fact is that if well noticed missing some games (Angry Birds 2, for example) and Google apps, the majority of the apps that I use on a daily basis exist for Windows Phone.

No, HP Elite X 3 not born dead, but it is hard to deny that they have lost the opportunity to reach a majority audience. At the moment the challenge of the month with the Elite X 3 continues, although I do still preferring Android in almost everything. Now get ti review: Would be more attractive Elite X 3 with Android?