HTC Announces More New Features for End of This Month of March

HTC had spent the last editions of the Mobile World Congress in banishment, without news on the front and with testimonials presences. This year, however, the Taiwanese have Yes wanted to make noise in a great time with your new HTC One M9 fair, and although the terminal will compete well in the high range, the truth is that the reactions have not been as positive as expected.

It was not the only device introduced by HTC at MWC 2015, as the firm headed by Peter Chou also took Barcelona HTC Grip and your HTC live virtual reality goggles, but not surprising that it has returned to the Taiwanese to first row combat.

Anyway, HTC will not stay still on their way to regain its credibility, and is that as he has announced its President for America, Jason Mackenzie, in an interview with Business Insider, the company is preparing more news by the end of this month:

When I look at the ship logo [HTC One M9], I see that we have built the best premium device. But we can not stop us here. We are preparing an important announcement for mid- to -late March with something that we will clearly differ from Samsung and iPhone. This will solve some fundamental weaknesses.

His words are very ambitious, Although HTC recently us accustomed to much literature and little movement, so we ventured not to make inferences about which will be the news that the Asian manufacturer has prepared.

It is very difficult to read between the lines of the comparative seeking Mackenzie with Samsung and Apple, but seeing that their new terminal star has just presented is thinking about new devices, it would be foolish, so good There might be some software service for terminals.

We will have to keep waiting but vigilant. What you have in mind about what they might teach us HTC?