HTC Prices One (M8) in Color Silver Exclusive with Vodafone and Comparative Competition

Vodafone has caught him the taste for this models exclusively, starting this month with the LG G70 and editions which followed as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Gold, Sony Xperia Z2 with Smartband bracelet gift and now the HTC One (M8) coming in silver color only with Vodafone.

The HTC One (M8) (see analysis) Vodafone is available with initial payment from 0 EUR and payment in instalments of 19.36 EUR (incl. VAT) for 24 months in which it is necessary to maintain the same rate the first 18 months. Then we leave you with all the details of what you will end up paying really taking into account the VAT both in down payment and the monthly installments including the terminal and the service.

In addition to Vodafone, the HTC One (M8) can also be found in Orange, Yoigo and Amena with prices that already you are in full at the time and that now we update some of the most common options for compare it with Vodafone:

Full scan HTC One M8

Then we leave you our final prints and the conclusions After having thoroughly tested the terminal of HTC: