HTC Quarterly Figures: €75 Million Loss, Threatens The Takeover?

HTC is in crisis: the Taiwanese company recently presented the quarterly figures, confirmed the worst fears surrounding the company. The losses amounted to 2.97 billion. Taiwanese dollar (NT$), which approximately corresponds to EUR 75 million. This confirms the long-running decline in sales in the manufacturer which flows even for the first time in the company’s history in a quarterly loss. HTC now threatens the takeover?

Actually a bit surprised that it’s HTC so bad, after all, the HTC One is probably still one of the best and highest-quality Android smartphones on the market. Also the HTC one mini is up on the newly inserted plastic frame, not a bad and also no unpopular Smartphone with chic design. Why is it so?

For the end customers of HTC remains largely unclear how it will affect on the quarterly figures, if a bad leadership is blamed on the HTC CEO Peter Chou. What was noticeable but for end customers, were the problems of both one of the HTC and the HTC one mini: both Android Smartphones were not due to difficulties in the production to the release date, or only very sparsely available, what has brought displeasure for many customers.

And Samsung technically a generation next: HTC in the Zugzwang

Clearly, is still a very nice Smartphone the HTC one, but it is still bought? The competition has now installed a newer generation of chipset from Qualcomm (instead of the Snapdragon 600 now the Snapdragon 800). This provides for the LG G2, Sony Xperia Z1, Sony Xperia Z ultra and the already announced Samsung Galaxy S4 Advanced ample power for better battery life. Moderate battery life on the HTC one has always been one of the existing points. Even if the speed-plus with the new Snapdragon, 800 for 99% of users will be undetectable, the longer battery life is very well.

Also, the competition also in camera technology is next. Although the HTC one has assembled the certainly not bad ultra pixel camera with optical image stabilizer, the competition from Sony has screwed now but at the same time significantly on the number of mega pixels (Sony Xperia Z1: 20 mega pixels) and improve the quality of the sensors. This is also combined with an optical image stabilizer, which ensures better images in moderate light. Megapixels are not everything: but so great number of megapixels in combination with an optical image stabilizer, the HTC one sees unfortunately old out, since many details only four megapixels simply lost ultra pixel camera, even if the quality of this image size is still as good.

Prospects for the future and new HTC products

So what is HTC? There’s the HTC One, which is still setting standards in terms of build quality, in terms of technology has but the only thing the HTC BoomSound as a single feature (stereo speakers in the front).And there’s mini, which I would describe as second choice due to the quality isn’t quite as good housing, which is indeed almost exactly as big as the HTC one, the HTC one. Also just has HTC one mini tremendous competition from the cheaper and the hardware some more favored Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (our price tip currently!).

The making for a long time HTC one Max (we reported) seems to get chip set “only” with the old Snapdragon 600 and has a release date is not even known. Also the HTC one in a Windows phone 8 variant is bisland only a rumor and seems to be moved due to the current circumstances in distant. Quo vadis HTC? Even a simple hardware upgrade for the HTC One in the form of an HTC one plus (or: one +) the situation of the company could in my opinion significantly improve, are known but so far only rumours.

HTC threatens the takeover or even bankruptcy?

In the fourth quarter of 2012, HTC has delivered the worst quarterly figures since 2004 and achieved, only about one-tenth of the profits compared to the same quarter last year. The HTC One could at best to mitigate this massive fall in 2013 so that HTC now with a generated loss of EUR 75 million after taxes for the first time in the company’s history can claim not only little profit, but have recorded massive losses.

A takeover is not discussed naturally by HTC in public, because this could deteriorate further, the sales figures insofar as shareholders, partners of the company and end customers with negative messages will be charged. Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE were discussed lately as a possible buyer of HTC. Huawei, which just with the Huawei Ascend P6 in Europe have made a name for himself, have but officially announced that they were interested not in a takeover as the Huawei blog reported (source). ZTE as Chinese Smartphone manufacturer comes in my opinion also rather not consider: finally puts ZTE in recent times more on establishing its own brand in Europe. Really imagine I could see but a takeover by Lenovo: Lenovo itself has a name more in the range of notebooks and desktop computers and able to establish so far either Smartphones or tablets in Europe itself. The high-quality, adult product design at HTC would perfectly complement the portfolio of Lenovo.

Conclusion: What happens with HTC?

A takeover is so far not officially been communicated and is pure speculation in the area, as well of course a bankruptcy of the company. HTC has built for years very good smartphones and delivered good numbers, I think reserves are (hopefully), to free himself with new products out of this misery. But these new smartphones need to come on the market. With your recent Smartphone HTC One, he is still a good buy, but I think especially for the Sony Xperia Z1 and especially with the LG G2, there’s better performance at a price almost equivalent.

So HTC: series congratulate us with new offshoots of the HTC one: we are looking forward to the Phablet HTC One Max and an HTC one with Windows phone 8. For the customers of 7 mobile we see in the short term, no reason for concern: updates for HTC smartphones are still delivered, so buying an HTC one is likely to be also currently not a problem.