HTC tries to conquer the market for 7-inch tablet?

According to the latest rumors are planning HTC to make two tablets based on the latest Windows operating system. The rumors say that HTC is working on a 12-inch tablet that uses Windows RT, as well as a 7-inch model which also supports telephone conversations.

New HTC tablet

Microsoft wants to expand its selection of tablets that use Windows RT, which is a light-weight version of Windows 8 which can be run on a more energy-efficient ARM architecture – the same kind of processor that runs most smartphones and tablets.

The new HTC products, which we expect to see in 2013, will be based on the Windows version of Microsoft’s operating system RT and the new tablet from HTC should be the first 7-inch model that uses Windows RT. This collaboration With Microsoft trying to compete with the iPad mini, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7, on the market for smaller and cheaper tablets.

New HTC Tablet

HTC and Microsoft have recently strengthened their ties through the amazing Windows Phone-phone manufactured by HTC – HTC Windows Phone 8 x – view more … .