Huawei Shows Future Developments of EMUI: Notifications, Drawer of Apps and Better Support

Huawei focuses not only on get smartphones with a decent ratio, also, although not it is highlighted both in this, to give support to their terminals, at least the most noteworthy of its different ranges, either within Huawei or honor. In fact, this last one, Honor, announced this summer his intention to support its future terminals for 24 months.

The most recent innovation in terms of software of the Chinese manufacturer is EMUI 5.0, its newest version of its layer of customization that premiered at the Huawei Mate 9. Probably already know some of the most striking, which would learn the use that him of the possessor of the terminal to help improve your experience.

However, Huawei has shown some of its future developments, particularly focusing on the system of notifications to EMUI 4.1 it was too aggressive in terms of the battery-saving, closing processes in the background and, in several cases, avoiding the user to receive notifications.

EMUI 5.0 this changes, * and can the user decide which background applications are closed and which are not * without having to dive for every corner of the settings until you find the desired option (remember that Huawei said that 90% of the settings options would be accessible in just two or three touches).

Other improvements in the interface of Huawei would be a drawer of applications, improved notifications curtain, enhanced mode to one hand or multi-window mode. Both Huawei P9 and matte 8, having launched the beta of Nougat, will be the first to receive the new version of Android as EMUI.

There will also be improvements to devices that do not receive Nougat

As it often happens on all manufacturers, some of their models are without updating to 7.0 Android Nougat, that usually included an improvement in the customization layer. Huawei has thought about these devices and aims to bring both some characteristics of Nougat and of EMUI 5.0, as well as security updates.

Although it is not ideal, because terminals such as Huawei P8 are planted in Marshmallow, the fact that you will get an improvement in the management of apps in background and some other feature is better than not to receive anything. At least older terminals users will not have the feeling of being totally abandoned if Huawei lends them a little attention.