Hugo Barra Reviewed All Xiaomi News: Android One, The Indian Market and The Arrival of Android Lollipop

Yesterday we did us echo of some rumors around the future strategies of Xiaomi, which would leave the MediaTek hardware in favour of other suppliers that help them more in the race to become the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world.

Today we bring you further news of the successful Chinese firm, and this time directly from the table of his Vice President, international operations, as has been the own Hugo Barra that has seeded all the news concerning the company in an interview.

If any questions before reading, yes played three major issues that are of interest to most users of the brand: the situation of the emerging markets such as the India and the importance of 4 G in them, Xiaomi landing in Android One project and upgrade the base of Android MIUI 5.0 Lollipop.

According to Hugo Barra, Xiaomi is so interested in Android One that is trying to get into the project, Although they have waited since the market was not sufficiently ripe and ready. There are no mentions of any device specifically, but it is clear that to Xiaomi not you forget that competent terminals at low prices only have brought them joy, so they don’t want to lose the opportunity to make an Android One device.

Related to this topic is spoken also long and hard on emerging countries and the case of the Indian market, where Android One has not disappeared in a satisfactory manner, which Hugo Barra dares to blamed on the importance of as a key feature LTE connectivity in a market with a strong development of the India.

It is not difficult to imagine as an Android One of Xiaomi with LTE connectivity for the coming months, although now that statement is only a conjecture.

Finally the most important issue and that most interest to users, the MIUI update to Android 5.0 base Lollipop that, in the words of Hugo Barra, is the priority of Xiaomi currently. The own bar confirms that at the end of the first quarter of 2015 We will see to the range Xiaomi eating your dose of lollipop.

The interview goes beyond with issues relating to television and other services, but that is less interesting here in Xataka Android. What is interesting is to see Xiaomi continues to expand, and it is good news that manufacturers also are encouraged to inform users occasionally with touches like this about their future steps.