Ideas for Creating Gothic Look with Shorts

The female Gothic look is usually almost monopolized by skirts and dresses of different length. Many women associated with the elegance and femininity of the Gothic aesthetic with skirts and dresses while pants seem a turn almost exclusively male.

Followers of a more historicist, Bohemian or romantic aesthetic see pants as a more difficult “fit” in its aesthetics according to

However, we must not forget that the Gothic movement was born out of the post-punk, that as soon as current aesthetics in regards to women’s fashion appeared quite less box, dresses, skirts or tight pants were all equally common.

More recently we have seen the resurgence of the short trousers as a fashion garment. I’m not very fan of this garment (because in the end, always prefer a dress or a skirt), but I understand that there are girls who feel attracted by it. It is comfortable, fits and has a nice point.

So here we go with ideas to create Gothic looks for different occasions on this garment.

1 – pants model choose to? I’m not very partisan of these garments that leave little or nothing to the imagination. I have always thought that it is sexier and more elegant to suggest that teaching. And also because trousers extremely short as well as those who are very cracked can be less versatile than simple trousers.

As basic, I would opt for a simple black pants. If you want a more casual counterpoint, you can choose a model in denim.

To exit you from the conventional and emphasize the Gothic look, bet on trousers with tiny buttons on the front. Another good option is to decorate it with some tacks, or even with a bit of lace on bass.

If you want an original alternative to reserve for special occasions, some in leather can be an interesting option.

2 – Look casual and daily. The shorts being a more “neutral” pledge, to achieve a beautiful gothic look is emphasizing the rest of garments.

Thus, we can combine them with a romantic shirt or loop, which we can add a velvet Jacket by creating a look of neo-Victorian appearance.

For the colder days, we replaced velvet jacket with a long Cardigan point, which always brings an element of elegance, in addition to a good coat. These days do not forget to replace by a few dark leggings stockings and you can supplement it with buckled boots.

If you are looking for a look see more towards punk rock aesthetic, it would opt for combining the jeans with any top or interesting t-shirt. For example, a t-shirt of a group that you like, either a top that has attractive elements and that differentiate it, such as a pattern of skulls and crosses, loops or metal sconces.During the otno and winter we can avoid the cold wearing several layers of clothing, but leaving the more eye-catching garment is that most see.

Long cardigans and biker jackets will be also fine. In warmer times, we can opt for kimonos and lace or chiffon cardigans. You can compare these riskier elements with stripes or lace stockings, to create an interesting contrast between the drawings and tissues.

As for shoes, I would opt military boots, or by a platform.

If what you seek is an intermediate, more simple look, I bet on a totally black set and would put the emphasis on stockings and accessories, such as wear stripes or lace, stockings and some interesting pendant and attention-grabbing.

3 – stylish Look to exit. Although they are often associated with being a fairly informal garment, does not prevent that we can adapt shorts to a look out.

Again, it’s emphasis on the top. Thus, we can combine jeans with a nice corset or bustier, a dress shirt or a top with transparency. Given that they are a very simple garment, shorts lend themselves to that I overemphasize how much you want the rest of the look.

We can also customize the look by incorporating interesting or patterned tights, but keeping some balance with the top.

If you want to emphasize a more elegant look, don’t forget to add a pair of shoes or boots with a little heel.

For colder days, you can combine the stockings with the shims, or simply opt for a black leotarnos. And then finish off the ensemble with a garment as a vest of point and decorated with hair, as well as a good coat.