In Protective Case, iPhone 5C Survives Almost Six Months

In the past, shipwrecked and lost, or simply romantic, people threw bottled messages into the sea for anyone who encountered them. Inside the glass, the paper was kept dry and could be preserved for years, until it reached someone’s hands. The modernization of this fable, however, replaces the container with a watertight pouch and the letter by an iPhone5c, as shows a curious case that began to circulate throughFacebook last week.

Who tells the story is Júlio Fiadi, who found the smartphone while swimming between the beaches of Veloso and Curral, in Ilhabela, on the coast of the state of São Paulo. In a post, he says he saw a black rope five feet deep, tied to an object buried in the sand. Pulling it up, he was surprised to see that it was a cell phone that had apparently been around for some time and had already accumulated algae outside the protection.

While cleaning and wiping the bag, however, he realized that she had withstood the weather and kept the device dry inside. More than that, despite the exhausted battery, it still worked. After a charge, Fiadi can verify that the device had been lost on December 31 of last year, probably remaining under water since then.

Look … Today swimming between the beaches of Veloso and Curral in Ilhabela, I saw a black ribbon coming out of the sand in the …

Posted by Julio Fiadi on Friday, May 22, 2015

Taking the chip and putting it on her own device, Fiadi discovered the original owner’s phone number and, in contact with her, also learned her identity: Barbara, 13, who said she lost her 5c while practicing stand-up paddle At the end of last year at Praia do Curral.

In the end, a happy ending. The iPhone 5c and its cover will be returned to the owner and the curious story continues being passed by Facebook – until the publication of this text, were more than 2,400 shares. And, above all, it’s a realization that waterproof bags really do what they promised.