In Search of the Perfect Skin

Since I can remember, I see several people always looking for the perfect makeup. But what is the trouble, huh? Because my makeup never goes out legal? Are the products? Brushes? My lack of patience? Wrong! Have you ever stopped to consider whether starting the makeup properly?

A beautiful painting out to need a good screen … This is the makeup. The difference is that the screen is our skin! Concealer, foundation, powder, primer, concealer again ….
Keep calm!
In this initial post from, you will find amazing tips never to despair! Let’s go!

1 – Pre Make
Perfect skin = wash, moisturize and tone to get the make
The result?
beautiful makeup, with greater coverage and fixation. Thanks !!! #EuQuero
Prepare the skin is one of the most important stages of makeup and it should not be left aside. Always wash your face before you start to do it and with a special soap for your skin type !!! Soon after pass toning (look for those who have no alcohol in the formulation) and the specific moisturizer to the face.
And as I said the wise Pedro Bial: “Never forget the sunscreen” Okay? A primer to make that make the ballad last longer also falls well. ?
Girlfriend Tip: Facial Tonic Neutrogena … #TUDODEBOM

2 – The Basis of Everything
There is no point doing all first step is time to move the base you use the hand = (Never do that, okay? Besides being wasting product rivers are carrying bacteria to the face, thus causing our enemy acne. Makeup is to be applied by brush! Always using a brush cat tongue spread the product from the center to the side of the face to cover evenly.
Girlfriend Tip: Base Timewise – MaryKay … Simply TOO !!!

3 – Dark Circles, Blemishes, Pimples … Help!
No despair! Concealer used in the right dose does miracles!
colorful correctives always comes before correction in the tone of your skin … When buying TEST, TEST, TEST. And no back of the hand or neck … Test the same face!
Girlfriend Tip: REMEDIAL COMPACT DUDA MOLINOS … only love.

4 – Velvet Little Face
In addition to standardizing the skin, the powder also helps extend the life of makeup, decrease the brightness generated by other products like foundation and blush, and control the oiliness throughout the day !!!

Needless to say anything, NE?!?!

For oils produced by the skin throughout the day wipes anti shine! Do not leave my necessary!
After roll with your make, do not forget to wash your face, remove excess is left with makeup remover and after that come with a moisturizer to the face.
Sleeping makeup? NEVER NEVER NEVER! Unless you want to grow old earlier …
I hope you liked the tips!
A beautiful weekend for us, kisses