In the Mobile Phone Market, Microsoft and Nokia Fight for Their Shares

In the cell phone market, it’s like in the shark tank: the industry giants to fight in the mobile phone market power, market share, and a lot of money. Still, there are Samsung, Google and Apple, which set the tone in the mobile market. The competition, including especially Microsoft and Nokia want to change that and change the balance of power in the mobile market.

Worldwide, there are currently 3.4 billion people who use a mobile phone and cheap smartphone accessory. Maybe just one in two has a modern smartphones. So much potential in the mobile market, because most people have time still not a Smartphone. The emphasis is still on, because dealing with these customers in the fight of the major smartphone manufacturers in the mobile market.

In the last year were equipped by Google four smartphones sold by five in the mobile market with Android. Together with Apple Google even leaves ten percent market share competing manufacturers of operating systems. But this can change, because Nokia and Microsoft follow a plan, how to compete for customers in the growth markets of Google and rough up the mobile market. While their hopes lie precisely on the Google Android operating system. Because the trick is: in its original form, the operating system is free and free of charge and can be changed by anyone who wants to. Microsoft and Nokia want to now take this Android origin form and replace the Google services with their own services. If it works out, they could offer a change to their services and other manufacturers of Android. A big one in the cell phone market is especially interesting: Samsung. Every third Smartphone on the worldwide mobile phone market comes from the companies in Korea.

Nokia and Microsoft have on the mobile market as compared to Samsung, Google and Apple doesn’t have quite so much to report, however, the mobile phone market is very fast moving and the balance of power may change rapidly. Nokia can sing a song of itself: the Finnish company had to specify the position as world leader in the mobile market, because it was too safe to his.

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