Inauguration of the Museo CristóBal Balenciaga

The long-awaited inauguration of the Museo Cristóbal Balenciaga that us ahead yesterday my colleague Julia Vidal has become part of the history of Haute Couture. With more than 300 guests to the event and several political figures, Queen Sofia has discovered the plate being finally opened this morning.

Pictured above, the Queen signing the book of honour and seems to own Balenciaga has come the news and satisfied smiles. More satisfied are students arriving to enter in the future school of Haute Couture It is planned to open in the Museum.

Doña Sofia wore a suit jacket Pink very successful make-up for the occasion. A soft and very feminine color a look elegant and chic that combined with pearls and a clasp on the flap of a sober jacket with two large buttons.

Bag game hung on the shoulder with a loop of string, the perfect accessory. I always notice the chosen colour of Ladies manicure When to attend important events such as this: the pink in the same tone of colors the suit. Yes, it was indicated for it although I would have chosen it mate instead of mother of Pearl.

In the upper picture, three personalities that could not miss this morning in Getaria: the Princess Béatrice d’ Orléans (with a very successful look) Hubert de Givenchy and Nati Abascal. Monsieur Givenchy was a disciple of Balenciaga and has donated 109 pieces that were his personal collection to the Museum. He is the founding President of the Balenciaga Foundation.

The two best dressed women have been for me Carla Royo Villanova and Nati Abascal. Carla Royo, very chic with a dress that combines a printed skirt of spring striped Orange and white flowers. The clutch in Orange sat him wonder though had chosen them black boots Fuchsia.

The Nati Abascal look does not support any reproach: a wrap raw color with embroidery of yellow flowers and green stems, ideally combined with a green scarf lawn. You have to be a teacher of supplements to combine Sandals ivory with dark decorations and hand print with wrap portfolio. Excellent.